10 Fascinating Facts You did not understand Banana OG

10 Fascinating Facts You did not understand Banana OG

Assuming that you’ve got at any purpose pondered the banana OG strain hereditary qualities and therefore the historical backcloth of this type of weed, then you are in sensible company. All things thought-about, this strain features a few strange characteristics. Most OG Kush strains area unit a chunk unsatisfying. they’ll a lot of typically than not have a nerveless smell associate degreed an exceptionally two-party flavor. Thus, once you see a form of OG Kush that comes from a banana quality, it deserves specializing in. The strains that outcome from this quality can typically yield a good deal of cannabinoids and terpenes. All in all, these strains can very often smell and style way superior to their dog OG cousins. they are to boot somewhat a lot of grounded and a lot of powerful. this text investigates a little of the fascinating realities regarding banana OG and responds to the inquiries you may have regarding this specific strain.


Did you had a minimum of some concept banana OG has quite one kind? forward you have simply caught wind of banana OG from the primary strain, you will be astounded to find that there area unit extremely a couple of forms of that specific strain. on these lines, forward you have been looking for a solid plus to dive deeper into OG, this text is for you!

This article can investigate ten fascinating realities regarding banana OG, covering its beginning points, impacts, quality from there, the sky is that the limit. see on to appear any into banana OG, and whether or not it’s ideal for you.


Banana OG is under no circumstances a real style of pot? It’s associate degree exceptional style of ester, that is that the reason it smells thus fruity once you cook with it? You presumably did not, but with the invariably increasing authorization of the cannabis plant, the term has been used to depict this oil similarly.

Banana OG is an added name for Banana Cannabinoid (Banana OIL), that has been documented within the vaping scene for a few time currently. a kind of oil comes from the stalks, leaves and stems of the banana plant.

Did you had a minimum of some concept banana oleic corrosive has been used in scent creation since the sixteenth century? Or on the opposite hand that the banana is that the best food wellspring of L-ascorbic acid? what is a lot of, did you had any plan that the banana is admittedly a spice?

These area unit solely some of the astonishing realities regarding the banana. it’d seem to be a typical natural product, nonetheless the banana brings way more to the table than simply lusciousness. this text investigates ten fascinating realities regarding the banana to line you off cheerfully.


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