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8 Tips to Increase Engagement and Followers

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The engagement on Facebook has fallen 20 percent since the start of 2017, as revealed by followers pro. Although it is the most popular social media platform, the decline will cause insomnia in any social media marketers.

To combat this continuous decrease in followers and engagement, it is necessary to develop solid strategies. For help with this, here are five ways to boost the number of followers and engagement on Facebook pages.

Mix up the format of posts

Try different formats of posts to see which has the highest engagement. If images don’t help in increasing engagement, you can try videos. Similar to that, experiment with your posts.

This can help increase Facebook involvement organically. It keeps your Facebook page current and up to the minute with content that is up to date. Keep track of these posts to determine what type of content gets the most attention click here.

Create viral content

Creating viral content can drive a significant amount of engagement on your pages. Many popular Facebook pages focus on providing content that boosts engagement and attracts new followers with each post. This is all-natural. Content could be memes, animation, videos, or any other form.

Your current audience tags their friends in the viral content you have created and share it with their followers and friends. Sometimes, popular sites post your viral content to their pages, exposing you to a broader audience.

Use automation tools

Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep posting on Facebook due to time limitations or hectic schedules. If you’re still expanding your company, hiring staff could be expensive.

It is possible to use automated social media tools. These tools allow you to schedule your posts for upcoming dates and occasions. They are automatically posted on the date you set. Suppose you’re managing a team of social media experts who handles your entire activity and posts. In that case, they can utilize these automation tools since they make it easier for them to publish on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Go live

Live streaming allows you to interact with the viewers directly. You can provide insights into the future of your products or services by going live. Also, you can get feedback on your products and talk about your user experiences. You can also show off your current products and services through Facebook Live.

Being active on live streams is an effective way of building a solid relationship with your fans. Additionally, it puts you on the top of the Facebook live map. The greater the number. The more people watching your life, the higher the chance you’ll rank top in Facebook Live maps.

Collaboration with influencers

The influencer marketing industry has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. Working with an influencer can give you access to the enormous following of followers that the influencer enjoys. The public trusts the influencer they follow. Therefore, when an influencer is promoting your service or products, they are at ease.

You could also offer giveaways with influencers that can increase engagement. This is not just a way to increase the amount of traffic to your page on Facebook. And it will also boost traffic to your websites as well.

Start a contest

This is among the most effective ways to create organic engagement and followers for your page on Facebook. To keep your contest running smoothly, ensure your prize is related to your business. It is best to offer your prize as a gift.

Encourage users to join in, share, and comment on the article. Request that users post on their timelines regarding the contest.


Tagging helps in getting exposure to different audiences. When you partner with an influencer, request that the influential person tag your website whenever it is possible. Make comments on various posts that are related to your product or service.

If you are running contests, request that the contest participant tag more people to increase your odds of winning. This will not only increase the participation but also bring more people involved. Sometimes, those who are ordered become your customers.

Try content created by users.

UGC(user-generated content) is not just a trend fading on Facebook. Users who make content under your name indicate that they trust your brand. It is a signal to other users. This

This means greater engagement and organic reach. One way to achieve this is

Ask your customers to write reviews for your products.

Add hashtags and invite your followers to post content that uses your hashtags.

Create a UGC contest and invite your participants to compete for exciting prizes.

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