A Beginners Guide to Teenpatti

Teen Patti has been a staple card game for both casual players and gamblers. Played with a 52-card deck, it’s engaging enough to keep players hooked for long hours. Like in any game of chance, you need to be lucky to win. But with some skills and the ability to take risks, you can improve your chances. Call it Teen Patti, flush or flash, the essence remains the same.   

So, you are looking to try your hand at Guide to Teenpatti online. But lack of knowledge might be holding you back. Breathe easy, as we elaborate on all the guidelines and tricks of the trade to keep you hitting the ground and running. Continue reading to be in the know.  

Where to Play Teen Patti Online

It all gets underway when you choose an online Teen Patti platform to play at. You are better off opting for a licensed platform that offers multiple tables, a friendly user interface, quick withdrawals, round-the-clock customer service, and more. Once there, get registered. The registration process varies from one platform to the other but it’s usually straightforward.   

How to Play Teen Patti Online? 

Depending on the table, you’ll be playing against multiple players at a live online casino with a 52-card deck. Each player must deposit the boot amount before the dealer deals the cards face down. Again, the stake is subject to the table. Only three cards are dealt with each player. That’s why they call it Teen Patti. Teen means three and Patti refers to cards. 

When the cards are dealt, it’s time for all participants to make a call or raise, one by one in a clockwise manner. If you call, you’ll be part of the hand but with a standard bet. However, when you opt for a raise, you need to contribute the raised amount to the pot. As such, you have higher stakes at risk. Note that, each player will have to match the fellow player’s bet. 

Suppose you place an INR 100 wager. In response, your fellow player makes it INR 200. Now, it’s incumbent upon you to place the next bet of not less than INR 200. The pot value goes up with each stake contributed by you or other players. The hand usually comes to an end with a show, which happens when others have folded and only two players are left in the hand. That’s in contrast to other online casino games like poker and rummy.

In a show, both expose their cards and the one with the best hand claims the pot. The player requesting for the show would end up losing the hand in case both players have cards with equal value. Also, the hand can conclude if all players fold, except for one. The “last man standing” is entitled to the pot. The value of his cards is insignificant in this case.

Besides the final show, there’s an option of sideshows as well. The “seen” players can ask for a sideshow from a fellow “seen” player. Herein, the player asking for a sideshow compares his cards discretely with someone who has been asked for a sideshow. The player can put down the sideshow request but only twice. The third time, he has to comply. Upon a sideshow, the player with better cards stays while the other has no option but to fold.   

Blind or Seen

Your bet size depends on “Blind” or “Seen.” If you prefer betting “Blind,” you are betting without seeing your cards. Conversely, the “Seen” player proceeds with the hand upon seeing his cards. The “Blind” player has to match or exceed the standard stake, which is the lowest stake for the given hand or the one placed by the last player. 

Now, the “Seen” player can either quit the hand or respond with a wager twice the one placed by someone playing Blind. His decision to fight or flight depends on his cards and the ability to take risks. Note that, the “seen” bet cannot exceed the present wager by four times. 

Card Ranking

Now that you know how to play and Guide to Teenpatti online, let’s get to know the card ranking. 

  • Trail: 

When you receive a trio of cards of similar rank, it’s the trail. 3 A’s represent the highest-ranking cards, followed by 3 Kings, 3 Queens, 3 Jacks, 3 10s, and so on in descending order. 

  • Sequence

Three consecutive cards refer to a sequence. If they belong to different suits, you call them a normal sequence. If they are of the same suit, it is a pure sequence. A pure sequence is ranked higher than the normal sequence but lower than a trail.   

  • Colour

Third, on the hierarchy, is color (flush). It occurs when all three cards belong to one suit.  

  • Pair

In case you get two cards of a similar rank, it’s a pair. Here too, 2 Aces are the best. 

  • High Card

In absence of a trail, sequence, color, and pair, it boils down to the highest cards. The player with the highest cards takes home the pot. 


Teen Patti online could be your ticket to entertainment and earning. However, knowing the rules of the game is crucial to making the most of this popular card game.


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