After Bulk SMS Price Increase in 2022, Why Choose Bulk SMS Marketing?

After Bulk SMS Price Increase in 2022, Why Choose Bulk SMS Marketing?

Are you a company that has made big profits from bulk SMS marketing services and are now worried about bulk SMS price increase in 2018? Yes, the carriers’ decision to raise their prices has forced bulk SMS Service providers to raise a small percentage. But considering the benefits of SMS bulk marketing services, I will definitely continue with this marketing strategy despite the price increase.


SMS is one of the fastest ways to market a business. Few people mistakenly believe that bulk SMS services are limited to certain types of businesses. However, this is not the case. Bulk SMS marketing delivers results for any type of business. If you don’t know why you should choose bulk text marketing services inspired by the 2018 bulk text price increase, here are the reasons:


Text messages are known for their speed in both delivery and reception. It is sent quickly, read in an average of 5 seconds and even replied instantly. When the information is sent over the bulk SMS gateway, the content is delivered to the subscribers within seconds. Compared to email, text messages work faster. On the other hand, email marketing is now considered outdated. So if you want to spread your brand to a large number of people within seconds, go for bulk SMS marketing despite the current bulk SMS price increase in 2018.

Towards the point;

In today’s fierce competition, losing is not worth it. Sending random marketing messages and waiting for a response is just a waste of investment. You need to make sure your messages are as specific as possible. Bulk SMS is permission-based, so your message will reach people who have received your message or are already associated with your business. As a result, your messages are perfectly targeted. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to switch to a bulk SMS strategy, even though bulk SMS prices have increased slightly in 2018.

High return on investment;

Outdoor advertising streams, such as newspaper ads and commercials, will certainly cost you much more than mass text marketing. Compared to this type of marketing support, the slight increase in bulk SMS price is insignificant. On the other hand, information transmitted at this low price is guaranteed to reach 1000 customers within seconds. This cannot be guaranteed for other ad streams.


Integration with other campaigns

Mass communication has tremendous potential when incorporated into marketing campaigns. Traditional media and social channels do not always reach their customers on time. Their integration with bulk SMS services ensures timely information and clear delivery of content. Even with such integrated campaigns, the bulk SMS price increase in 2018 will have little impact on ROI.


Be specific and get straight to the point;

While mass marketing SMS messages are easy, creating text messages is not. 1 SMS credit only allows 160 characters. Therefore, the content should be short, concise and relevant. More than 160 characters add value. Subscribers also prefer to read short messages over long content such as email.

Save money;

Time is directly related to money. The more time you save, the more money you earn. SMS scheduling components save time and money by scheduling SMS marketing campaigns for a later date. Against this backdrop, a small price increase for bulk SMS in 2018 is not a problem.

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