Best Capo for Classical Guitar: Interview with ALICE Capo

What’s the best classical guitar capo or nylon string guitar capo? The ALICE guitar capo revolutionized guitar capo design as we know it. Ease of use and sturdy application set ALICE apart from the bulky, clamp on capos that are known to lose their spring grip after a couple of years.

What is a guitar capo and why do I need one?

A capo is an external device players fasten on the guitar neck to shorten the length of the strings–thereby raising the pitch (also known as transposition). If you want to play a certain chord progression but need to adjust the pitch to match a singer’s voice in a higher register, a capo will help you achieve this.

Capos can also be helpful if you need to transpose a chord progression on the fly when jamming with other musicians. For example, let’s say a fellow musician wants to play in B flat major. That key can be tiring to play on guitar for long periods of time since you’ll have to hold a bar chord position for most of the song. But with a capo, you can simply place it on the first fret and play in the more comfortable key of A major!

If you’re someone who uses a capo often, you know the importance of having a versatile capo that can get the job done. Most importantly, you need a capo that will be strong a secure to prevent any buzzing or string muting.

Why do classical guitarists use capos?

While classical guitarists might not use capos as often as acoustic or flamenco guitarists, some pieces do require them. Placing a capo on the first fret while tuning the sixth string from E down to D (drop D tuning) can also help guitarists play pieces in E flat major more easily. Bach’s popular composition BWV 998 Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro is one such example. 

Most players will just opt to play the suite in drop D, however for those who wish to play the composition on guitar in the key Bach intended, a capo is a must-have.

Lastly, just like acoustic guitarists, classical guitarists usually enjoy jamming with other musicians or accompanying singers! For all practical purposes, performances, or even casual or social play, having a sturdy ALICE guitar capo guarantees you will get a clean sound on your nylon string guitar.


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