Bracelet Styles You Should Be Aware Of

Whatever your style, a bracelet is just the right addition to your everyday jewellery stack.

Bracelets are effortlessly chic fashion accessories that have completely overthrown the bangle and kada culture in India. No longer do you see newly-wed brides donning those thick gold kada. Bridal style is all about trendy accessories that solve multiple purposes.

For instance: A bracelet that can be worn to the office can also be stacked with two more sleek bracelets for a night out around town. Now, there is an endless variety of bracelets available in the market that you can spoil yourself silly with.

Unfortunately, most women do not go about exploring their options and instead stick to the ‘boring usuals’.

We get it multi-colour beaded bracelets were a thing in the ’90s but now they are not needed in your jewellery closet.

There are some designs like the ‘charmed bracelets’ from Pandora Jewelry that have stood the test of tie and fashion. Charmed bracelets continue to lure young women with their ‘charm’.

Bangle Bracelets

Let’s start with the basic bangle bracelet that has continued to fascinate women since ages.

The circular bracelet with no opening or clamps can be worn with a watch or stacked with more bangle style bracelets to create a fuss-free but edgy look.

Love how super blogger Chiarra Ferragni styles her Cartier bracelets for night-out in town.

Name Bracelets

Name bracelets are quite in-trend right now. Every piece of jewellery with a personalized touch has found fans amongst the millennial generation. Be it a chain, rings, bracelets or even anklets; if it got a name, it gotta be in your closet. Love Chiarra Ferragni’s ‘Leone’ bracelet with studded diamonds stacked along with another rose gold ‘Ferragnez’ bracelet.

Charm Bracelets

Timeless – The word that best describes charm bracelets. You’ve got to check out Pandora Jewellery sale if you’re looking for that ‘one’ charm bracelet that will make your heart skip a beat.

Besides, you can always re-arrange, add or subtract the charms depending on your current state of mind. Versatile, right?

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are unisex. Think of your favorite actor Salman Khan who’s been donning the same chain bracelet for years.

The feroza gemstone embellished silver chain bracelet has set trends amongst Indian men. The same goes for women too.

Gold chain bracelets are a great way to amp up your style without thinking too much.

Leather Bracelet

These leather bracelets for women are a great choice for those who aren’t strictly fond of metal jewellery. The youthful bracelets are a great choice of accessory for those who like the funky, punk and groggy looks.

These are popular amongst men but also have quite a following among the ladies.

Tennis Bracelets

Do you like chic? You can’t resist minimal jewellery?

Well, then tennis bracelets are sure to lure you into buying one. The simple tennis bracelets are like thin flexible wristbands that have clasps made up of a row of diamonds or platinum.

The tennis bracelets became quite a rage when Chris Evert started wearing these during her tennis matches.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are a common sighting in the silver tribal jewellery section.

The big, chunky and heavy bracelets are quintessential to bohemian style.

Come summer, you’ll find women of all colors donning these bracelets to beaches, music festivals, colleges and even Sunday brunches.

Gemstone Bracelet

A little bit of color in your jewellery will never hurt anyone.

Gemstones embellished bracelets are a sign of good omen as they not only bring good luck but also add that pop of color to your OOTD.

The gemstone bracelets are often stacked together or sometimes minimal designs are worn separately.

Shell Bracelets

Shell bracelets are THE HOTTEST bracelets in town. Right now, not having a sea-shell bracelet is criminal if you’re a fashionista.

Whether you have a beach holiday planned or not, it is always best to stock your seashell jewellery.

Choose from complete sea shell bracelets to single sea shell style in gold or silver.

Slider Bracelets

Slider bracelets were earlier only available in artificial jewellery styles but now you can find those in gold, silver and diamond metals too.

Besides, slider bracelets completely free you from the hassle of tying the clasps with one hand.

They work by sliding the ‘slider’ along with the chains of the bracelet that sits comfortably around your wrist.

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