Clean and Protect the Car before winter

The primary thing when we need to talk about winter preparation of your car is to give it a thorough wash and cleaning, followed by a good paint seal and wax.

Where the spring preparation is of course also about getting the car protected, it is just as much about getting the winter washed by the car, getting the paint polished up so that any small scratches are removed so that it comes up visually in gear. Here the visual is not so much in focus, but if you want to get started with polishing, then it is of course also possible, but not strictly necessary.

The cleaning starts out with a thorough wash, just as thorough as before polishing, followed by chemical Rengøring af bil of the beetle, to remove any fly rust and tar stains. In addition, the varnish must of course also be degreased, so that your varnish seal and wax adheres as well as possible, and gives you the best possible durability.

If the car is very naughty and dirty in the paint, you can possibly give it a deep cleaner with e.g. Varnish cleaner with Sealant, which both cleans the pores of the varnish and applies a light coat of varnish seal, which you can then top up with more durable products, e.g. Varnish sealer without wax and finally a car wax.

Clay Bar Car – If You Polish Before Winter

Although Clay Bar is a great invention and should always be used before polishing, there are times when it is not always a good idea to use it.

Although the clay bar may not scratch itself, it can cause micro-scratches to run the clay bar over the paint, if you do not get folded enough times through the work process. The clay bar picks up the dirt, and if the surface of the clay bar is covered with collected dirt, this dirt can give micro-scratches in the paint. Therefore, the chance of micro-scratches is also greater if you use clay bar, on a very dirty varnish filled with tar stains, fly rust and fallout from trees.

However, one should not be afraid of the clay bar for that reason. If you have washed the car thoroughly before using the clay bar, any micro-scratches that may occur will be so limited in depth and size that e.g. just our finest Karma polish can remove them very quickly.

Chemical cleaning of the paint, instead of using clay bar before winter preparation

Instead of using clay bar, in this case we try to solve and eliminate the worst problems with chemistry. The chemistry we need is Flyverustferner for flyverusten and a number of other types of precipitation, Tjærefjerneren for tar stains and any organic precipitates on the paint, and Affedteren to remove traffic, grease and oil films on the paint at the end of the wash.

If the car is in a reasonable condition in terms of paint, and is regularly washed and cared for, then this type of chemical cleaning of the paint will usually be sufficient before a paint seal or waxing, where we just do not need the manual cleaning of the paint with a clay bar.

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