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Floor Sanding Copenhagen

Floor Sanding Copenhagen

Floor sanding is the way in which an old wooden floor is given new life with a refresh. Here, sandpaper on a sanding machine is used to remove the floor surface so that a new protection can be applied. In Danish homes, varnish, oil and lye are most often found. We have cheap floor sanding prices for Gulvafslibning København.

What is a floor sanding?

Floor sanding is used to renovate old and worn wooden floors so that they can have a new look and a protective surface. During a floor sanding, the old surface is removed with a sander. When the machine is started and the roller with sandpaper rotates, the sanding is done. Usually a floor is sanded 3-5 times depending on the condition

Always use floor specialists

You can sand the floor yourself, but in 99 out of 100 cases it goes wrong. The machines are not easy to operate and you must have knowledge of the floor and the wood before you have to start sanding it yourself. By using a specialist flooring company, you are sure that your wooden floor will get the look you want.

Transparent prices

A good flooring company that offers floor sanding in Copenhagen is transparent with their prices. All stated prices must include VAT, wages, driving etc.

Work-related details

In order to perform a floor sanding, floor planning or floor treatment, there are a number of things that must be met. The rooms where the floor work is carried out must be cleared of furniture and other flooring. There must be enough power in the home, preferably 13 Amp but we can use 10 Amp in 2 to 3 phases in case of emergency. The floor sanding is carried out with a floor sanding machine which does not use very much current but instead uses a relatively large start-up current which at a too low voltage can switch off the relay.

Good prices for floor sanding in Copenhagen

The prices in our price list should be reasonable and competitive compared to most other floor sanding providers. Floor companies and floor people usually have different prices depending on how busy they are and at what time of year the floor work is to be carried out. In spring and summer, which is high season, there is usually a higher price level than at other times of the year. This also applies to the so-called Jutlandic prices, which are different from those we experience in Copenhagen. For larger floor tasks and floor contracts, we are available to talk to for a quantity discount when there are a larger number of square meters to be made.

Waiting time

Our waiting time is usually normal from day-to-day but can fluctuate slightly depending on where in the country the work is to be performed.

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