Gangnam Shirt Room Magic Mirror Choice

Gangnam Shirt Room Magic Mirror Choice

What is Magic Mirror Choice?

The magic mirror choice system is to make a choice through a special wall that looks like a mirror from the outside with transparent glass inside.

Advantages of Gangnam Shirt Room Magic Mirror Choice

  1. You can choose freely! It has the advantage of being able to see the girls at a leisurely pace because they do not make eye contact with the waiting girls. There is no one who will notice that you are looking intently.
  2. You can choose secretly. The ladies on the outside don’t see the inside. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you will recognize me. You can choose your favorite partner in the most confidential way possible.

Located on Yeoksam Pub Street in Gangnam, Seoul, there are various bars such as shirt rooms, room salons, and baseball fields. For first-time visitors, it may be difficult to find the location with only a map, as the location is confusing and confusing. Especially if you are intoxicated. Ji-ho Woo’s Gangnam Shirt Room provides pick-up service anytime, anywhere if you are in Gangnam, Seoul to relieve the inconvenience of these guests.

Gangnam Shirt Room Type.1

강남 셔츠룸 Magic Mirror, close to your ideal type, please is sure to get a recommendation that you like. Table Time A fun talk time starts. Are you curious about the service that reveals the beautiful body you enjoy? You can experience the Big Course of the full salon that adds even more heat.

Setting: Unlimited alcoholic beverages + beer + snacks during table time.

Gangnam Shirt Room Brief Introduction

Gangnam Full Salon Club Choice & Magic Mirror Choice NEW Lineup Meet the new face every week. We also manage the water quality of our sisters twice a week and recruit 30 new faces every week.

Looking for Gangnam Shirt Room?

About 70-90 people work a day on weekdays

Up to 120 people go to work on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays on peak days

Guaranteed 200% of customers’ first and last ‘close care’ you are a guest only at the entrance, and when you enter, the body is full never! No such thing

The most important size, right? A ‘fact bombing’ briefing without lies in any situation

Please make sure to give us a call before your visit, so that we can prepare in advance.

We kindly invite you to special drinks, entertainment, and gatherings at Gangnam Pool Salon, the mecca of karaoke.

We are serving you with the best conditions and benefits. Reasonable price and unlimited service event price. It is a large-scale establishment in Gangnam area with luxurious facilities and a full salon system 24/7. Reservations for Gangnam Shirt Room are essential in order to receive event prices for various parties, drinking parties, gatherings, and banquets.

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