Gold seeks the protection of the cautious owner

Richard Branson is an American billionaire, serial entrepreneur who built a huge empire on his own.

If it was won on the coin, it would take triple and a good stint at one of Branson’s companies. If I lost, I would lose everything. Which of the options do you consider would be part of the golden rules of wealth?

Richard Branson later wrote that:

“I could almost see the winner’s mind at work. He wanted to be ‘the’ face, the one who dares, who goes ahead without blinking an eye. To be the one who risks everything. After a few seconds, he said he really needed the prize to leverage his company and help some people in the community, and he couldn’t risk it. Finally, he asked for the check. I breathed a sigh of relief and said that if he had chosen the currency, I would lose a lot of my respect for him. I always took risks, yes, but calculated risks and I would never gamble my future on a coin. He carried the check, plus the stage.”

If a subject who has a space travel company is against risk for risk , why should you be in favor?

Who is the “wise man” of the third golden rule today ?

They are not his friends, since as a general rule we relate to people of our own social class.

Sometimes he is not his bank manager, since he needs to sell a certain quota of products per month, so he will offer a capitalization plan, sure of that and that. Not with the customer’s interest in mind, but just because he has to sell them .

Clawson is one of the wise men.

Warren Buffett is another. In the GuiaInvest Forum you can find some. There are serious Internet websites with others.

I recognize that it is not easy. Googling “investments” brings up a mix of serious independent sites, bank officials, news, and ads promising fabulous profits with ” 0% risk “.

But be diligent, listen to the successful noho stock , report back, do your research, and before long you’ll know how to separate the good sources of information from the others. The information is there. Use to become a sage.

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