Guide to Buying Smartphones, Tips for Buying a New Mobile Phone

Buying a new smartphone can be a difficult job if you don’t know much about the technology, price, and availability of brands and their phones. While some people end up buying phones with subpar features, others feel cheated by the overpriced MRP where some of the retail stores continue to sell the phone even if there is some price reduction or discount option. Here are some points to consider before buying a new smartphone.


One of the most important considerations when shopping for a new smartphone is knowing the mobile platforms they run on. There are 3 most popular mobile platforms around the world.


Available in all smartphone budgets, from a budget model to a high-end flagship phone. Android has to do with Google’s vision toward the world of smartphones, it has a good integration of Google services, most services are free, it is less restricted in terms of sharing options, Play Store has the most of the free apps available for download.


Apple developed iOS and it is one of the most refined and restricted mobile platforms. It has a whole ecosystem of apps and services, but for most of them, you will have to pay a price. It is only available on iPhones and iPads.


Despite Microsoft’s effort to push it ahead of the competition against rivals like Android and iOS, it has consistently lagged behind in the app department. But since Nokia and Microsoft have spent a lot on the Windows platform, the platform is smooth enough to handle all tasks except games with less hardware requirements. The availability of the app is not as good as the other 2 platforms, but it will eventually catch up sooner or later.

The other platforms such as Blackberry OS, Firefox, etc. are still far from these 3 platforms. But Blackberry’s BB OS is secure and reliable enough to be the fourth option on the list.

A budget that suits your pocket.

Smartphones are available at all price points, from a high-budget flagship smartphone to the high-end ones. It all depends on your budget and what requirements you want. Tecno brand is a well-known brand and prices are also reasonable like Tecno Camon 18p price in Pakistan 33,999 rupees. However, if you are considering using it on all Android smartphones, it is better to spend at least 35k and if you want to buy a smartphone of any Chinese brand, 25k to 30k Rs is more than enough to spend.

Hardware and design.

If you are that person who wants to show off the design of the phone in your hand, then you can consider a metal body (HTC, Apple) or a polycarbonate body (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, and Apple). It’s a race for the fastest mobile in the world, Samsung introduced a flip mobile in which the screen also bends Samsung z flip 3 price in Pakistan is Rs.199,999   Polycarbonate is much more durable and dent-resistant than the metal body, but the metal body adds a different feel to the hand when held.

In terms of hardware,


 At least HD or Full HD if you buy any mid-range Android smartphone


 At least a high-end dual-core Krait processor or quad-core processor with Krait architecture or MediaTek chipset, GPU is important if you love gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks. Adreno 320 and 330 GPU are the best for gaming. But you can also rely on the PowerVR GPU.

Memory and Storage: 

Always look for 1 GB or more of RAM in the case of Android phones, Windows phones can work just fine with 512 MB of RAM. Always consider at least 16GB internal memory and micro SD card option or 32GB internal storage if the expansion option is not available. Again, it just depends on your requirements and how much you store on your phone.

Battery life and usage time

One of the vital factors in smartphones is battery life. Most users get disappointed with the pathetic battery life on their smartphones. Battery life isn’t just about the biggest battery or more mAh, it’s about getting more usage and standby time. Please insist on having at least 2300 mAh battery (excluding iPhone and Windows phones) and a usage time of at least 12 hours or more.

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