Highly Effective Sound Measurement

Working in any industries with exposure to high levels of noise can cause serious damage to your hearing. As an employee it is your duty to protect both yourself and your employees against harmful noise. In order to detect the levels of noise you will require a range of sound measurement instruments. These devices can be used to accurately capture only the sound produced by the source under test, eliminating interference from other sounds to provide the clearest recording imaginable. It is also possible to achieve highly accurate measurements that are time efficient, recorded on site and measured in noisy locations.

Given the diversity of different industries in the UK business need a simple yet compliant method to determine whether there is, or is not, a genuine noise issue. Once this has been established the required actions can then be put in to place. Without quality sound measurement businesses run the risk of breaching employment legislation and putting their employees in serious danger. In order to comply with certain legislation employers must make sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded, assess the level of risk to your employees from levels of noise at work and then take the necessary action to reduce these risks to the required minimum.

One important step that can be takenĀ geluidsmeting laten uitvoeren by employers is to conduct a risk assessment to ensure the health and safety of your employees. The risk assessment can take the form of identifying where there may be a risk from noise and who is likely to be affected. It should contain a reliable estimate of your employees’ exposures, identify what you need to do to in order to comply with the law, and whether noise control measures or hearing protection are needed, and, if so, where and what type. The assessment should also look to identify any employees who need to be provided with health surveillance and whether any are at particular risk.

It is essential that you can provide a reliable estimation of the levels of exposure your employees are subject to and how representative this exposure is to the work that they do. Your estimation must be based on consistent information in the form of readings and measurements taken with sound measurement equipment to ensure that your data is as accurate as possible.

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