How Instagram’s New Features Are Helping Out Businesses

As Instagram becomes the most popular social media platform, it opens doors of opportunities for business. Businesses prefer this platform to market their products and increase sales. By choosing this platform for business promotion, they are able to showcase their product among billions of users. That’s the reason for choosing Instagram as a business marketing platform by neglecting other social media platforms. Businesses prefer to buy Instagram followers UK to make their visibility at the start of their journey on Instagram.
As we describe, that huge number of businesses are registered on this platform, and they are in millions. These numbers of those using business profiles and there are other people who are using a personal account and using it for marketing of businesses. It is all due to that Instagram has key features that help businesses to start to increase their sales at the very start.

Instagram shopping

Instagram allows businesses to create their own stores by choosing a business profile. Because this option is only available for business profiles, and personal cannot get the IG shop option. So that what businesses have to do is create an IG business profile, and then they can create their own store.
Instagram shopping is a useful key feature to deal with the audience without moving them from one source to any other platform. When you are engaging with customers by posts or comments, you can get them to your shop. Most people engage with a post, and they will like it if they find it attractive. Then they used to visit IG profiles and can shop if they found any product according to their interest.
It is the best feature for those that are running their own business and want to sell their products.

Link in Bio

The best way to redirect your social media traffic to another platform. If you have visibility on Instagram and many followers, you can easily allow them to visit stores, websites, or blogs by using its link in the bio of your IG profile.
It is a very useful feature to increase business sales and also improve its online presence. Because getting much traffic on social media platforms is much easier. But people usually trust products that have their own store and website.
So that what you can do is generate traffic by Instagram and then send this traffic to your own business websites. By sending them to the website by using the link in the bio of IG profile, they know well about you and hope, so users will turn into customers.

Instagram Live

Instagram has key features for small businesses to get live and directly communicate with their audience. When you promote something in the digital world on any platform, then users must want to know about it first. So that if you are live on Instagram, then they can ask directly ask a question regarding your business. And you can answer all those questions on the spot.
When you are using the Instagram live feature, you are face to face with an audience that helps build more trust in your brand. People usually use to put their trust in those brands that they know very well. So it is much needed that you avail this opportunity and use these Instagram live features to strengthen your brand’s community and grow your business.


Instagram TV (IGTV) is a feature that helps to showcase business products in detail by using videos. It is found that videos get more engagement than simple images. So that if you are promoting businesses and want to make their visibility, then it is much necessary that you are using this feature to showcase the product in a good manner. Normally when you are using Instagram, then it allows their users to post reel videos of just 15 seconds. But when it comes to IGTV, users can create and upload videos for up to 60 minutes and describe their product in more detail.
By using this IGTV feature, users can upload tutorials, answers to a question that users frequently ask. Moreover, when you use to write a description of IGTV, then the links used in it are clickable so that you can also send traffic to other platforms or posts by using these links.

Wrapping up

Instagram is helping businesses to promote their businesses and make their online presence better. For this purpose, it is working on updating its feature that is effective in growing businesses. That’s why businesses are registering on this platform and starting using these key features to build their brand awareness, increase sales, and get more visibility. They used to buy Instagram followers UK for their account and then start promoting by using key features on Instagram.

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