How to Find the Best Fish Oil to Get All Its Health Benefits

There are dozens of companies out there peddling fish oil with promises of a superb health. How do you choose one out of them? What are the qualities that make for the best fish oil? Let’s find the answer to these questions right away.

To get all the health benefits that the best fish oil has to offer, like cancer prevention, heart diseases prevention, improvement in vision and joint movement – you need to make sure to choose the right oil. Make a wrong choice and not only will you be bereft of these benefits, but will risk having side effects too.

The substance that makes fish oil so good for our health is – Omega 3 fatty acids.

These are essential fats that our body requires for its proper functioning, but it cannot produce them internally. So we have to depend on external sources like fish and their oil, for them.

The two types of fats you need to make sure you are getting enough of are DHA and EPA. These two are responsible for the health benefits you can get from the oil.

One point to note here. Traditionally, it has been thought that EPA is the most beneficial fat and most of the oils in the market focus on it only. Fact is – latest research shows that DHA is much more important than EPA in the oil, and you should make sure the oil you are taking is dominant in it.Best fish market near me

The only reason many manufacturers still persist with producing EPA centric oil is – it is very easy to process and filter. DHA processing requires special processes that are a bit tricky and expensive too.

This brings us to our second point. Oil is extracted from fish caught near the shores. This water is usually so heavily polluted by industrial waste, that the fish is loaded with many pollutants like chemicals and heavy metals.

The oil derived from this oil also then contains these dangerous toxins and can cause serious health problems if not filtered properly.

To make sure your oil is really pure, check how exactly it has been purified. The best way to do it is through Molecular Distillation. This is an elaborate procedure and requires some investment, so not all companies do it. Only the best fish oil would have been purified through this procedure.

Now that you know what to look for in the best fish oil, go out and find one now. This is the best investment in you can make in your health. To know more on how to choose a good oil, visit my website now.


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