How To Fix The Set Of Outlook Folder

Microsoft Outlook cannot be started. It is impossible to open the folders. The operation was unsuccessful. This error is all too common, unfortunately. This error usually appears when you open Outlook. This guide will provide simple, easy-to-follow ways to troubleshoot the problem.

How to fix Outlook’s The Set of Folders Could Not Be Opened error

  • Important Notice: Back up your Outlook data before you try the solutions below.

In Safe Mode, Launch Outlook

To launch a new Run window, press the Windows and R keys. Next, type Outlook.exe/safe and hit OK.

Safe Mode will fix the problem if it is not. Next, disable any add-ins.

Deactivate Your Add-Ins

  1. Start Outlook and navigate to File.
  2. Select Options and then click on add-ins.
  3. Click on Manage to hit the Get button.
  4. Save the changes and select the add-ins that you wish to disable.

Do not forget to upgrade your Outlook version. Select File and then go to Office Update. To update your email client, click on Update Options.

Recreate your email profile

This error was corrected by some users who re-created their email accounts.

  1. Enter regedit into the Windows Search bar to launch the Registry Editor.
  2. Then, navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Profiles
  3. You can delete all the listed folders. Profiles.
    • Note: Depending on your Office version, you may need to navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\15.
  1. Relaunch Outlook to create your email profile.
  2. Click on File to open Account Settings.
  3. Next, go to View Profiles then hit the Edit button.
  4. Fill in all details and click Save to save your changes.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps from 5-8 to create a new profile if you are not familiar with the Registry Editor.

You can create a new Outlook profile by going to Control Panel – Mail – Show Profiles – Add.

Repair Office

  1. Select Programs from the Control Panel.
  2. Select your Office package by clicking on Features and Programs
  3. Click the Modify button to launch the Quick repair tool.
  4. If you are still having problems with Outlook, try the Online Repair Tool.

Repair Outlook

  1. Select Apps from Settings.
  2. Click on Apps & Features to select Outlook or Outlook Desktop Integration.
  3. Click Advanced Options to access the Repair button.

Alternatively, you can also repair the Outlook data (.pst file) directly.

  1. Close Outlook and navigate Outlook 2016/2019 to C: Program Files (x86), Microsoft OfficerootOffice16, or Outlook 2013, C: Program Files (x86), Microsoft OfficeOffice15 (depending upon your Office version).
  2. Locate and run CANPST.EXE.
  3. To select the Outlook Data File (.pst), click on Browse
  4. Click the Start and then choose the repair option.

Microsoft’s Recovery and Support Assistant

You can also use another tool to repair Outlook. cannot open the outlook window Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant can quickly diagnose and fix various Outlook and Office issues. Download the Microsoft tool, install it on your PC, and then follow the onscreen instructions to fix Outlook.

Outlook Data Reduced

It can be very time-consuming to open large mailboxes. They can also cause errors during loading. Check if the error persists by reducing the size of your Outlook data and mailbox files.

  1. Start Outlook by clicking File. Select Tools and then click Mailbox Cleanup.
  2. Choose the items that you wish to remove, and then confirm your selection.
  3. Clear the Deleted Item folder to reduce the file size.
  4. Next, click on File and then select Account Setting.
  5. Click on the Data files tab and choose the file you wish to compress.
  6. Click Settings to access the Compact Now menu. and Exchange users must click on Setting – Advanced – Outlook File Settings.

Reinstall Outlook

If you are using the standalone desktop application, please uninstall it and start your computer again. Next, download Outlook 64-bit. If the error persists go to Control Panel and choose Uninstall program. Next, uninstall Office packages. Restart your computer and then reinstall Office. You can now check the results.


Sometimes Microsoft Outlook might not launch properly due to the “The set cannot be opened” error. You can fix this by opening Outlook in Safe Mode, disabling your add-ins, and then launching Outlook. Next, repair Outlook and Outlook. Create a new user profile. Then reinstall the email program. Which of these methods worked for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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