A new study shows that gamers’ speed on the internet is 2X faster than standard U.S. internet speed.

For gamers, speedy internet speeds have always been a top priority. Over 80% of gamers are online, and having a high-speed connection doesn’t just provide an easier experience. However, it also gives gamers an edge. We collected information from more than 45,000 gamers to find out how fast their internet speeds are compared to the average national speed. For more related articles visit internet providers in Florida.

Gamers can access the internet much faster than others.

It’s not surprising that gamers’ speed is generally higher than average users web. It’s surprising just how fast their connections are. According to our most recent report on internet speed. At 181.7 Mbps, gamers’ internet speeds are two times faster than the 94.6 Mbps average for the nation.

P.C. gamers have the fastest internet.

With speeds that range from 246.08 Mbps, P.C. gamers enjoy the fastest internet in the gaming community. This is roughly 2.8 times faster than the average speed of the entire internet population. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch users are experiencing the lowest speeds of all gamers. With an average speed of 165.6 Mbps. This is still far above the average for all gamers. Xbox gamers experience average speeds of 191.09 Mbps, whereas PlayStation gamers average about 171.64 Mbps.


With 81.3% of players gaming online, internet bandwidth will be a priority. Of all gamers:

  • 53.16 percent of people play online, most often with their friends
  • 28.27 Percent of them play online with strangers
  • 18.57 percent of players play offline

Gaming does not necessarily require high bandwidth, but the typical household speed tends to be sufficient. However, gamers do require lower latency, and this is often a requirement of broadband plans that offer high-speed internet. Maybe it’s the tech-loving nature of a typical gamer. Who is paying a bit more to get high-speed internet at home.


To find the average internet speeds of gamers in the U.S. We looked at speed test results from over 45,000 gamers with representation from each U.S. state. Results anonymously self-reported. This study was conducted by WhistleOut and is in no way sponsored. Endorsed, administered by, or associated with the properties listed above or their affiliates.

The internet speed of U.S. households derive from a study conducted by WhistleOut in November of 2020. In the report, we examined more than 77,000-speed test results. That were which collects from mid-March through the beginning of July in 2020.

est Your Internet Speed

An example of an internet speed test result

Are you experiencing slow internet speeds even when you have decent internet service? The family or your housemates could be streaming or downloading more frequently than you imagine, which is slowing down your connection. One method to determine if you should upgrade your internet service and run an instant speed test is below.

It takes only a few minutes and will reveal how fast your speed will be when you connect to your computer. It will show you the upload and download speeds and the amount of latency you’re experiencing.

Normally, your internet speed will be slower than the maximum speeds provided by your selected internet service. The speed of your internet will be influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • The number of users and devices connected to the internet at the moment
  • The location of your router
  • The number of apps on your devices connected to the internet
  • Equipment for your network (e.g., for example, your router or modem)

Internet Speed Test

Are you getting enough speed from your internet? Check the speed of your internet in your area with just one click.

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Get a Faster Internet Plan

Suppose you’re disappointed with your existing internet speeds. Then you’ve arrived at the right area. We deliver you all of the best internet programs available in your area. It includes all of the current deals each provider is offering.

You must input the address you want to search into the tools for searching and then filter the results according to your preferences. This could include:


The speed of your internet connection is a factor in household requirements. If you live in a house with two persons, you should get 20 Mbps for each person.

Cost per month

The price of speedy internet service depends on how you are linked to the home. The least expensive is cable, and the most expensive is fiber or satellite.

Data cap

Data caps are virtually non-existent in the U.S. regarding Internet plans that are monthly. The only kinds of the internet with the data limit that users must know are mobile internet, satellite, and fixed wireless. Many other connections claim unlimited, but there is the one terabyte (T.B.) limit. It’s extremely difficult to reach this cap. However, it’s not an absolute, unlimited number, even if there is a limit you may not be able to reach.

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