Kindle Direct Publishing and Attaching Premade Book Cover in PDF

You must create your company distribution accounts.Google to search for “Amazon KDP” (Kindle Direct Publishing) to obtain an account for distribution of Kindle ebooks.Use Draft2Digital to distribute your ebooks to Apple iBooks.If you wish, you can also make distributions via Google Play.

There’s an straight Apple iBooks channel, but this is more complex.If you have an Mac or have accessibility to it, then you are able to directly upload an ebook into the iBooks store by using the Apple iTunes Producer program. iTunes Producer.

In addition to Kindle and iBooks, and Indie, there are alternative routes to the market for ebooks.For instance, you could go to “NookPress” to get set to distribute NOOK if you’re interested in this one.However, to keep things easy I’ll keep to KDP, Drfat2Digital, and your own website.

A second step (not essential) is to create an appropriate name for your publishing business and to acquire an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for your book.This can be done by searching the internet for “Bowker ISBN” and buying one or more ISBNs. They’re not too costly.The advantage of having an ISBN is that it’s easier to convince your distributors to link your book to your own publisher name.Some people suggest that you should use a distinct ISBN for every distribution channel.I prefer to make use of one ISBN for all ebook’s distribution channels.

Let’s talk about how you can distribute your ebooks on your own website.

The first step is to open an PayPal account to enable people to quickly and easily pay you.It is important to note that PayPal is designed to accept credit card transactions for customers who don’t have an account with a PayPal accounts of their own.

The second step is to find an online service that can handle your process for collecting funds from customers and sending copies of the ebook out to them. In the past, the affordable service E-Junkie has been a great choice for me. Beware, there are a few rip-off companies that offer the same service but charge an extremely high monthly cost and take around 10% of your sales. E-Junkie is, contrary to what it claims was a bargain. But its value is diminishing. They also accept premade book cover, you can get it at Digiart book cover site.

From 2021, the most efficient and most efficient method of distributing eBooks is by uploading an EPUB version of this book on Draft2Digital and they will make the book available to every ebook platform.There is no cost to anything however they will get a small percentage of your earnings.

Thirdly, you’ll need to make a web page with a description of your ebook and include purchases links (which will take them to, for instance, E-Junkie, who’ll collect information about the customers, transfer the ebooks through PayPal and send the customer an Download link).It is important to note that in 2021, it’s a great idea to have an ebook with a universal link; they can be made at no cost through Books2Read.


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