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Knee brace: Why do you need them?

Knee brace: Why do you need them?

A knee injury can enfeeble people as it manages mobility and other activities of our lives. It can be disturbing for everyone, but it targets athletes, sports people, and fitness freaks the most. It is so because their knee handles the daily activities, and having issues with it means no activity until it is cured. At times, sports or weight lifting can lead to severe injury in the knee area as that part handles the most weight. The situation can put your future as an athlete at risk.

No worries! A knee brace can help you persist. Knee pain and injuries can prevent you from even the casual activities of the daily routine like walking or attaining your daily errands. It can be a tough situation to adjust to, especially for a sports person or one who feels sick of sitting idle. Whether you experience knee pain, a minor injury, or surgery, a sports brace for the knee can help ease your pain and carry on with your activities. In addition to this, wearing a knee brace during sports can help prevent injuries and permit better performance.

What are knee braces?

Generally, knee braces work as support to help in mobility by preventing knee pain and helping recovery after injury. It can also be a great tool for preventing injuries during sports like football, cricket, soccer, basketball, and more. As it shifts the load from the weaker part of the knee, using a knee brace for sports and other activities can help you perform better and manage daily activities comfortably. Furthermore, there are different types of knee braces that vary in price and come in different colors allowing you to get one as per your need.

How does it help athletes in performing better?

Athletes are vulnerable to getting injuries once in their careers. The reason is that running and lifting weight can affect the knee in a bad way because that part handles the movement. Some injuries like arthritis can even affect your career as an athlete because the problem can take months to heal or never heals up. A knee brace can prevent these incidents. It provides support that averts your muscles from bending more than required. Thus, it can put a stop to facing sports injuries.  

If you get into such a situation in an unfortunate moment, these braces help you heal and get back to your daily routine. It supports movement, helps you heal faster, and carries on with your career as an athlete. In addition, they can help in rehabilitation right after surgery and prevent swelling.

As aforementioned, there are different braces available for certain problems. You can get assistance from your physician for Sports Brace in Dubai and beyond because picking out the best option as per your situation is crucial for fast recovery and better performance.

Different types of knee braces

Different situations can cause knee pain. ACL, Patellar issues, torn meniscus fractures, or arthritis are some conditions that need orthosis to heal. Following are some types of support braces for the knee, each with a different purpose.

1.       Hinged brace

This brace is ideal for serious injuries like ACL, LCL, etc. As hinged braces help protect your injured ligament, they are mostly used for post-surgery. The hinges on both sides prevent the range of motion. In this way, hinged braces are the best to stabilize the knee joint after surgery or injury to the ligaments. For athletes, these knee braces support slight movements by providing support to the knee area. People suffering from arthritis can also benefit from this knee brace.

2.       Patella stabilizing brace

Patella dislocation can cause pain and hinder better performance. Patella stabilizing brace can prevent pain and relocate it. Similarly, it lifts the pressure from your knee and makes movement easier. The best part is that these braces are lightweight and easy to wear and take off. The downside is that they are not as reliable as the other options.

3.       Unloader knee brace

As the name suggests, it lifts the load off your injured knee and shifts it to a stronger area. Thus, an unloader knee brace helps in reducing pain. Therefore, it is best for osteoarthritis.

4.       Functional knee brace

It helps in movement by providing stability to the knee joint. Therefore, a functional knee is best for those with ligament tears, sprains, or other situations that demand less knee movement. The brace helps in stabilization and support rehabilitation after a ligament injury.

5.       Slip-on knee brace or knee sleeve

It helps alleviate pain and perform better in daily activities. For people who feel sensations in their knees that can prevent their performance, using the brace can help them perform better. Sports orthotics and braces can be great equipment for athletes and people in support to perform better and avoid injuries.   

The Takeaway

A knee brace can be perfect for pain relief and other knee injuries. It can also support excellent performance in sports by preventing injuries. Consult a healthcare professional to choose the best knee brace suitable to your situation.

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