Major Benefits of using Private Toto Sites

They propose that businesses and the building’s management work together to motivate workers to cycle more often by establishing special bicycle parking lots and public showers.

Currently, 20 prominent companies, including Siemens, Niagara Tower and Transit, participate in the movement along with their workers In addition to providing bicycle parking and a public shower, they even officially opened their company’s biker community with the 꽁머니 of B2W. Some companies even provided bike loans and technical facilities for repairs and maintenance to their employees.

 Due to the growing number of cyclists, some leasing companies have also emerged recently;

 To help people whose biggest barrier to cycling is the initial investment in a bicycle? Since many B2W members are travelers, the B2W research team is also studying the possibility of installing bicycle parking in other public places. B2W is not only helping to design a bike-friendly city, but also working on innovative products to make cycling easier, safer and more accessible. Toto and his team designed a low-cost B2W bike and partnered with the Polygon Company to manufacture the bikes.

So far, 1 990 B2W bikes were sold across Indonesia,

Most successfully on Java Island. Toto and the team are currently in the process of incorporating a folding mechanism into the affordable bike model, a unique mechanism for which the Polygon Company is famous. The folded bike, known as the “Deon” product within Polygon, will help people cope with the limited support facilities for cyclists in the city (they can easily carry it on a bus, for example). Toto has also partnered with Totobobo to provide cyclist masks at an affordable price. Some B2W members have even opened their own bicycle-related business: B2W has inspired people to lead healthier lifestyles, contribute to a healthier environment and start new business ventures. B2W is now publicizing its campaign to students with the “Bike for School” campaign.

 Together with the University of Indonesia Students, Teachers Club, Center for Education Improvement (CBE) and with the support of the Indonesia Oil Company, Toto organized a bicycle donation campaign in schools. Bicycles will be loaned to poor students who cannot afford transportation. The program is helping students focus on their education rather than financial constraints, while teaching children, as early as possible, the value of the social environment and a healthier generation. 1,500 bicycles were donated and 1,500 students received bicycles. Many schools now have their own Bike for School communities in Jakarta, with hundreds of participating students.

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