NGO Service In Delhi By Satya Shakti Foundation

Satya Shakti Foundation is a Non Profit Organization situated in Delhi, India. NGO(non-governmental organizations)are generally nonprofit entities

What are the non-governmental organizations and how do they work?

NGOs, also known as third sector organizations, non-profit organizations, and voluntary organizations, go by many different names around the world. Formally they are known as non-profit organizations in India. Satyashakti foundation is a Delhi-based NGO working on the grassroots level to resolve health, sanitation, women empowerment, and education-related problem in society.
Satya shakti foundation performs various roles within the health care system
Creating online healthcare institutions for remote population

Meeting the healthcare and social needs of vulnerable population density of all age
groups like elderly, women & kids

Tackling different health problems, advocating for health rights, implementing preventive
health programs, and managing health finances and administration are the main
objective of the Satya shakti foundation

Creating healthcare institutions, meeting the healthcare and social needs of vulnerable population densities like the elderly, women, and kids implementing preventive health programs, and managing health finance and administration are the main objective of the satyashakti foundation

We are providing medical, shelter, and food assistance during global pandemics like COVID-19 and natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, etc.

Conduct awareness program
Satya shakti foundation took the responsibilities of facilitating service delivery both directly and through communities, the offering includes marketing, promotion of sanitation and hygiene, community education about sanitation, and awareness building.
Organize training camp for Management of both solid and liquid waste
Waste management is basically the gathering, moving, processing, recycling, or disposing of waste materials, often those produced by human activity, in an effort to lessen their impact on human health. Environmental changes, particularly those related to how trash and human excreta are disposed of, are crucial to preventing infections and maintaining a clean environment.
Teach them to use the 3R’s
There are different types of ideas used in different parts of the country to deal with waste
management we are teaching people the 3R’s hierarchy technique to tackle sanitation.
The 3 R’s stand for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle this is a principle for minimizing thrash
During this process, organic matter is broken down by microbes, creating a hummus-like substance known as compost. The quantity and quality of feed ingredients thrown into the compost pit determine the usefulness of compost as manure. The primary benefits of composting are the creation of high-quality organic manure from biodegradable garbage.

Due to the efforts of the Satyashakti foundation, it is now possible to view education as an
inalienable right of children, with obligations placed on both the government and the parents.
Our approach has shown that it is possible to secure schooling for the poorest, even without
providing financial incentives to parents, despite poverty being a significant barrier to education
for the disadvantaged. Even the most impoverished communities have been able to invest in
their children’s education.
We are continuously working to uplift the basic primary education level of poor and slum
children, currently executing an important effort to improve curriculum and instruction for the
primary classes in addition to continuing its scientific teaching program. We occasionally give
away free textbooks, notepads, and uniforms to kids in slums whose parents cannot afford
To change the idle culture into a self-sustaining society, women must be empowered in these
areas. We are working in this area to provide proper educational resources, political support, an
efficient legal system, and the creation of jobs for women are all ways to empower women. In
order to empower women, the Satyashakti foundation offers basic education, vocational training,
training for self-employment, legal aid, protection for women, and self-awareness programs. We are therefore primarily focused on improving the status of women in society.

A few steps Satyashakti foundation has taken to empower women:-
Educating rural women supporting government initiatives
Organizing rural women, creating models and experiments, and ensuring women’s participation in their  empowerment are all goals.
Allocating the best resources
Promoting Technology in Rural Areas
Representing Rural Women, and Promoting Rural Leadership
Offering rural women practical and efficient training.

Due to all of these considerations, we work tirelessly to bring the best services for the most
basic needs of the poor and needy to their homes. The Satyashakti Foundation is taking the
initiative to end these injustices and is providing the best assistance and support in all four key
areas (health, sanitation, education, and women’s empowerment) not only in Delhi but also in
every distant region of India.


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