Terminate QuickBooks Error 108 With Advanced & Easy Steps

QuickBooks Error 108

Online banking has made access to bank accounts easy and fast. But at times in QuickBooks Online, you get a message while trying to reach or open your online bank account. This error is famous by the name of QuickBooks Error 108, not letting you even download your latest QuickBooks updates. The error conveys that you have received a new message from the bank or credit card on their website. It can be about the update, which will interrupt your QuickBooks connection. If you wish to know the causes and the resolution of the error, keep reading this article.

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What contributes to the online bank error?

Now we will put forth to you the reasons that lead to the error 108. It becomes very important for the user to become aware of these factors so that you later get the logic behind the troubleshooting steps and can avoid such mistakes for future aspects too. Now, have a look for yourself:

  • The error might show up because of the updates or the changes made by the company on their website, and they want to have your attention and pay heed to those changes and notifications.
  • A popup blocker or antivirus security having an inbuilt popup blocker can also be one of the reasons that can add to an error.
  • Due to some reason, your bank wants to confirm your identity, for which you need to log in to your online banking account using QuickBooks.

Now that you know the reasons that can account for the error code 108, you can take your troubleshooting steps accordingly. We will show you the way.

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Take feasible steps to access your online banking account

Taking the steps that we are about to provide will help you efficiently access your online banking features on the account and download the transactions. These are simple steps that ask you to check messages on your bank or credit card website, or you can also update your bank connections in the application of QuickBooks. See how you can accomplish that:

Solution: Check the bank/ credit card

This step asks you to go to the bank or credit card’s website and review if a fresh notification or an update message is pending to be read. Generally, the message is about new terms or conditions of service or maintenance notification or changes related to other sites or new deals.

  • Go to your financial institution or credit card’s website and sign in using the exact credentials used when connecting the account to QuickBooks.
  • If different credentials are used, then disconnect this account from QuickBooks and reconnect by using the credentials for your bank website.
  • Now review if you have received an update, notification, messages, offers, etc.
  • If they expect you to act or take a step further, there will be guidelines.

Once the messages have been acknowledged, you will be able to function like normal while accessing your account or transactions. You should think about updating the bank connections in QuickBooks by clicking the Banking menu.

If you followed the blog attentively, you’d understand all about QuickBooks Error 108, its causes, and fixes. If you still can’t check your online bank account or download the latest transactions, then do call 1.855.738.2891 to get the best advice from the professional of QuickBooks Customer Service.

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