The objectives we pursue and describe from this research are:

Provide tools that enable product knowledge and quantification (competition and in this case sponsorship offers) in relation to the media.

Estimated economic value

Measure and analyze audience and / or media coverage of appearances, as well as in direct marketing actions performed.

  • Analysis of the returns of main advertising channels.
  • Measure and qualify existing audiences.
  • Public review of the contest.

Determination of the value associated with rowing tennis.

To better understand this research, I present below the methodological framework used to prepare it. Only the combination and combination of various types of sponsors will make it possible to fulfill the budget and run the contest with the quality worthy of a professional event. It is important that each non-financial sponsor is counted as it will allow us to know how much money they have contributed, what improvements they have made to our competition and what consideration they have for that sponsor.

Making our Contest,

It is important to anticipate our efforts with future studies that will provide us with information on new sponsorship trends. If we can anticipate these trends, we can provide our customers with better offers and feedback.

Finally, it is important to refer to a separate study that Telecyl, the company that owns the rights to the races I run, conducted to measure the economic benefit of the sponsorship. In this study, indeed everything was measured to have details about the different forms of support provided by different sponsors.

Definition of public order

This program is specially and exclusively designed for the participating public: where, how and when to buy tickets, their pricing policies, negotiations with online ticketing companies, product sales (design, production, size, type), malfunctioning animations and combinations. With advertisements, lotteries … In short, there are many things that people feel the event belongs to, not only for 스포츠중계 events, but also for your place.

In short, the ultimate goal of this scheme is to facilitate in all cases where people access the necessary elements so that viewers can buy tickets by various methods (platforms of purchase and payment and in various places and times, they have to sell online this there get a lot of ground in recent years), so you can have fun without matches, to take part in these tournaments (and parallel amateur tournaments take place so that everyone can take part in PPT), lotteries. .

All these definitions will show success to our other customers, namely the public

Both government sponsors and private sponsors.

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