This Monsoon Escape From The City And Into Serenity

It must be visit if you love the outdoors because it is surround by dense forest, waterfalls, and dams next to lakes. Lonavala is one of the quaint hill towns of Lonavala and Khandala, rising 624 feet above sea level. The Bhaja Caves, Bushi Dam, Karla Caves, Rajmachi Fort, and Ryewood Lake are some of the well-known tourist destinations in Lonavala. Treks like the Andharban trip, which begins in the town of Pimpri and culminates in Bhira, are also well-known in Lonavala. A sweet edible created from mix nuts and jaggery, the hard candy chikki is manufacture in Lonavala and is the city’s claim to fame. It serves as a significant stop on the railway route that runs between Mumbai and Pune.

The Indrayani River is the source of Lonavala Lake, which is nestled on the outskirts of Lonavala. The lake is typically refer to as the monsoon lake as it fills up during the monsoons and drains out throughout the winter. It is a well-liked picnic location that offers sports like bird-watching, swimming, and boating. Near Lonavala are the well-known Karla Caverns, which are old Buddhist rock-cut caves. It is one of the earliest Buddhist cave sanctuaries in India and is also referred to as Karli Caves, Karle Caves, or Karla Cells. One of India’s largest Chaityas is locate in these tunnels. The Ekvira Temple, which is located within Karla Caves, is its most significant aspect.

Whatever we choose, whether it is a trip to the hills, a staycation in the city, or a luxurious retreat surrounded by nature, your travel choices may be made more wisely. So, These accommodations are ideal for your next trip. If you’re seeking affordable options that integrate with the environment while still standing out for their smart design. Ekostay provides villas in Lonavala

  • Peninsula Villa In Lonavala- 

Even the Peninsula Villa in Lonavala is tranquil and attractive. Peninsula Villa is a magnificent 3 BHK luxury villa with trendy decor and friendly décor. This neighborhood has the finest to offer in terms of luxury and security and is situated in one of the premier villa communities. This house has a gazebo, a private pool, and positive vibes. Work up an appetite for a BBQ in the gardens and enjoy the breathtaking scenery with loved ones. So, The spectacular surroundings. Which change from illuminated days to starry nights here, may easily occupy your entire day. It is one of the most luxury villa in Lonavala.

  • Sky Villa In Lonavala –

The Ekostay Sky Villa in Lonavala, which is tuck away in the hills, is the epitome of a tranquil getaway. Incredibly elegant interiors that exude luxury and invoke memories of ancient Bollywood are most likely to attract your attention. This 3 BHK Villa is the perfect setting in the hills to make your stay the most memorable. It is hidden from the chaotic crowds of Lonavala. After exploring Tiger Point, guests may enjoy breathtaking views with family and friends or just unwind by the private pool while savoring a full BBQ supper. You can decide to visit this place with family, friends, or even your pet mates and let them free.

This evergreen hamlet, known for both its wine and religious structures, is about 160 miles from Mumbai’s bustle. Nashik, in addition to being know as one of the most underrate escapes, is among the greatest destinations to visit near Mumbai in the monsoon. Igatpuri is another town that is within a short distance of Nashik. So, This Sahyadris diamond is unblemish, uncommon, and a sight to behold. Igatpuri, a key railroad crossroads and hill station, is located halfway between Mumbai and Nashik. The Sahyadri highlands, the icy blue dams, and the lush green meadows are some of its most stunning characteristics. 

In the winter months of January and February, Igatpuri is at its finest. You can expect some crowding because this is the busiest season of the year. Mild weather is experienced in June, July, August, September, October, and November. Igatpuri offers a range of activities for those looking for an adventurous adventure in the winter, but during the monsoon season the flowers are in full bloom and the vast meadows are a brighter shade of green. It is best to stay away from the hot summer months.

It’s time for one last getaway before the which was before life started in, with the monotony settling in, school getting going again, and offices running at nearly full capacity. Fortunately for you, there are vacation rentals between Mumbai and Pune that provide the perfect setting for a beach trip. So, A relaxing getaway, or a mountain escape. Our carefully selected vacation houses are likely to suit your interests and preferences and come with a variety of features, including a private pool, grass that has been manicure, or even a patio that looks out over the beautiful vistas. Ekostay offers an exquisite collection of villas in Igatpuri

  • Casablanca Villa In Igatpuri- 

Our 3BHK Ekostay Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri has a pristine pool with excellent submerged seats, sprawling with mystical views of valleys and lush foliage. Soaking in the tranquil pool close to a striking pool hammock with a warm gazebo. And a luxurious outdoor bar is an architectural phenomenon with a blend of intricate and contemporary interior décor. Our luxurious and picturesque villa is ready for you for an exhilarating night of swimming and poker. Casablanca, which is possibly the most opulent house on this list, is brimming with grandeur and equally beautiful. The magnificent property has a pristine pool with fantastic submerged sitting. The vast lawn offers panoramic views of the valley beneath. The villa features four spacious, well-lit bedrooms with elegant décor. You will immediately fall in love with the ambiance thanks to the chic furniture decorating. 

  • Pebble Villa In Igatpuri-

You’ll want to stay here forever when you see the 3BHK Pebble Villa in Igatpuri. Which is nestle away in the midst of nature and surround by hills and vast landscapes. If you want a vacation that feels like a home away from home while still being luxurious enough to be call a retreat. It is most definitely a view worth capturing, with subdued interiors and a private pool. Make sure you see the sunrise in all its splendor and the sunset here in its mysterious setting

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