Top tips to prepare for TOEFL exam

To those who wish to apply for studies abroad, cracking the exams that are required for admission remains a challenging task. With the highest scoring that gives you the eligibility to get the admission along with the other facilities, cracking the exam is a daunting project. But this don’t have to frighten you as there are many strategies and tips to clear these entrance examinations before applying for the education. 

Taking TOELF is a stressful thing and as each university has specific score to get into, you might have to take a lot of practice test and other strategies to get the top score in single test. Before all the tips we going to look, it is necessary to prepare and take the test well in advance of the TOEFL exam dates to reach the highest score.

Here, we will let you know some of the strategies and tips that might help you to score in TOEFL exam:

  • Get familiarize with the format

The format of the test will always remain tough for those who are well in English knowledge and thus spend some time in getting familiarize with the kind of format you are about to take. First thing in test is that there is internet based and paper-based test available. In both, reading, listening, speaking and writing remains the standard procedure. The duration of each section varies and this needs to be taken in memory which you are practicing the tests. 

  • Know the reason for taking test

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to know the reason why you are taking up the test. The TOEFL is taken for many reasons including university application, for entering into the country for a course or for the immigrant requirement. These will help you focus on the study time and also on the sessions that they might expect your score right there. If you are looking for academics, ensure to focus on writing, listening and speaking and when you wanted to apply for job, concentrate on listening and speaking. 

  • Create study routine and take many practice tests

Another best tip to crack the exam is to have the routine daily in taking the test or studying. Always plan your preparation well in advance to know your weakness and strength of the sessions so that you can concentrate more on these. Do not ramp and study, take many practice tests with the exact time duration as you will take in the real test. This will make you to gain confidence in taking up the real exam with ease and without stress. 

Other tips to prepare TOEFL exam includes:

  • read and listen English other than the study materials
  • practice listening and speaking to others
  • practice taking notes and timed tests
  • get the study guide 
  • use the learning strategies by applying active and passive learning
  • listen daily to the podcasts


If you are about to take the TOEFL exam, ensure to practice it daily with the above strategies. These might surely help you to crack the test and help you to achieve your goal.

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