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What are The Medical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction?

The erectile dysfunction problem among men makes them very weak mentally and physically. A man who suffers from this problem cannot get and keep the erection properly. As a result, that person does not get a good sex life. In the world, over 30 million men are affected by this problem. But this problem can be resolved by various treatment of erectile dysfunction. The medical procedure to cure erectile dysfunction improves the blood supply to the penis. Additionally, some medical processes also increase the muscle strength of the penis. Thus a man gets an adequate erection and enjoys sexual intercourse with his partner.

Moreover, various physical and mental causes are responsible for erectile dysfunction. So let’s first learn about some significant causes of erectile dysfunction. Then we will discuss multiple ED treatments below.

What Are The Causes Of ED?

All the below causes are responsible for erectile dysfunction problems in men. These causes decrease blood flow and weaken the penile muscles. So let’s study these causes of erectile dysfunction to take proper health counsel.


The high blood sugar level is a great cause of erectile dysfunction. Diabetes decreases the muscle power of the penis. Therefore a man cannot erect properly while wants sexual intercourse.

High blood pressure

Although high blood pressure is a cause of blood vessel damage, due to damage of blood vessels, the blood circulation does not regulate correctly. Thus the penis does not get the exact blood flow for an erection. Perfect treatment of erectile dysfunction helps in proper blood flow in the genital part of men.

Depression and stress

Stress, depression, lack of sleep and anxiety weaken the mental strength of a person. Moreover, all these causes also play a lead role in erectile dysfunction. Those suffering from depression cannot enjoy their sexual life or do not get enough erection for sex.

Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug consumption have harmful effects on health conditions. People get more stress and anxiety due to these problems. Alternatively, smoking and alcohol consumption decreases the erection in men.

Lack of exercise 

Generally, suitable health needs exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle. People face many health problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Thus lack of exercise and excessive weight gain are major causes of erectile dysfunction.

Various Treatments Of Erectile Dysfunction 

This list of best ed treatments will help you to solve your erectile dysfunction problem quickly. You can adopt one of these treatments of erectile dysfunction to get a good sexual life.

Vacuum pump

The Vacuum Pump for men is a developed treatment procedure for erectile dysfunction; the vacuum erection device will help a man get an erection quickly. Additionally, vacuum pump therapy gives an instant result to men. In this procedure, you will find a plastic tub, pump and elastic ring with the package of the vacuum pump device.

Moreover, you need to use the plastic tube over the penis. Next, you use the vacuum pump to create pressure. In this process, the blood flow in the penis increases. Additionally, the elastic ring will help you to hold the blood flow. In some minutes, you get an erection, which will help you keep the erection for 20 to 60 minutes. In some cases, this medical procedure will help you to enlarge the penis.

ed treatment with vacuum erection devices


Penile injection

Moreover, penis injections are an excellent medical treatment of erectile dysfunction. The penile injection treatment helps to relax the walls of blood vessels. Furthermore, this treatment gives an instant result and improves blood flow. After taking a penis injection, you must wait for 10 to 15 minutes to get an erection. After that, you get an erection for at least 30 to 60 minutes. But you can get some side effects due to this treatment. Penile injection treatment increases pain and swelling around the penis area.

Shock wave therapy 

Another developed medical procedure to cure erectile dysfunction is shock wave therapy. The shock wave therapy for ed does not become very popular. But this therapy will help to strengthen the muscles of the penis and develop blood flow. Moreover, Shockwave therapy helps speed up tissue repair and cell growth in the penis. It gives sufficient erection for sexual interaction. This low-intensity shockwave therapy is not adopted by doctors. This therapy has many side effects, and you feel pain, swelling and rashes in your penis.


The medication process is beneficial in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Various medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra help men to get an erection. All these medications provide an instant result. Therefore a man happily enjoys sexual intercourse. Moreover, these medicines are very helpful to increase blood flow to the penis. Additionally, these medicines also provide strength to the penile muscles. As a result, men get appropriate penile functions.

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Surgery or penile implantation is also constructive in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In this process, flexible rods are placed into the penis; a device filled with saline solution and a pump is also used. It is a very risky medical procedure. But it gives good results and couples enjoy their sexual life happily. Besides this, the surgery makes the penis stiff, so men get regular sexual intercourse.

Bottom line

On the whole, all the treatments of erectile dysfunction have a few adverse effects. So you can adopt the natural procedure for treating erectile dysfunction. But you get an instant result if you adopt one of the above medical procedures for erectile dysfunction.

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