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Fashion – Drop in to find out some cool everyday lifestyle choices that can make your look irresistible, and make your living space stylish with a range of modern and artistic home furniture custom boxes. We have listed down some home furnishing articles, and quirky clothing styles to make your summer season 2022 more happening.

Ditch your solids and say hello to bright and bold patterns:

This summer season printed tops and tunics with bold and chunky colours are the in thing. So put away your boring solid dyed shirts and pants, and check out these latest picks of custom white boxes.  We have spotted the hottest ladies’ stylish dresses for this summer season at the following stores:

The Way by Beech Tree:

This line by Beech Tree is all about quirky and fun prints. Their series of printed kaftans is our favourite. The kaftans and tunics feature bold abstract fashion patterns that are just perfect for this summer season.  Moreover, the cuts are breezy, very casual and outdoorsy at the same time custom boxes. These kaftans can be worn to your workspace, to a friend’s bridal shower or to any casual get together as well.

Similarly, their printed summer co-ord dresses have unique cuts and seem to be super comfy for the hot blazing weather. One thing that needs to be highlighted about this brand is that it features unisex printed shirts, thus providing clothing for both genders under one roof and price tag.

Nishat Linen Pret wear:

This year’s summer collection in Nishat Linen’s pret section features some dazzling summer long dresses. So ladies if you’re looking for something feminine for your summer wardrobe, or for a summer get-away vacation, these ladies’ new design dresses are a must-have. Not only their custom boxes, but their printed shirts in this collection are so lively and fun looking at the same time.

Impress your guests with some chic home accessories:

The latest home accessories are all about practicality and durability along with a pristine appearance. Nowadays with so many brands offering just more than clothing, they want their store to be a “shop-for-all, shop-it all” kind of a thing. Talking about some chic home accessories that fashion will instantly lift the ambience of your living space we have listed down a few of our favourite for your recommendation:

Rattan weave trays:

Hand made by local artists, you can shop this sustainable, durable and rather practical tray for your kitchen table from “The Way” store. They have got these rattan weave serving trays in various shapes and shades. You can purchase their wooden serving tray which can serve as either a fruit tray or dry fruit tray custom boxes. This wooden serving tray can also be useful for giving custom white boxes structure and symmetry to your coffee table, by anchoring tabletop items that might otherwise feel like they’re ‘floating.’

Resin Trays and coasters:

Our Facebook and Instagram newsfeed is loaded with small scale business owners promoting their resin art by showcasing their productivity in designing beautiful serving tray and table coasters and boards. You may simply search through marketplaces on Facebook or shops on Instagram for this purpose. These trays are perfect for tea parties and small dinners to impress your guests with their intricate and mesmerizing designs and colour gradient.

A soothing cup of tea in style:

Does your survival kit include tea? And by tea we mean your very own mug or cup of tea? Head over to these latest shops to find some cool and colourful teacups to add to your everyday ceramics collection.


Clayworks is now also open to customers of Lahore as well other than Islamabad. They specialize in handcrafted clay utensils, including tea and coffee mugs. Do you ever happen to visit a coffee shop near you and like their stylish clay coffee mug? Well, it turns out that a lot of eateries fashion, restaurants and cafes get their cutlery from Clayworks. So if you’re looking for some best coffee mugs, do check out their collection.

The way:

If minimal yet bold patterns are your thing, you must check out “The Way” for their latest and quirky line of ceramic tea mugs, for everyday use or even get-togethers. We would recommend you to buy 3 of their mandarin tea mug and 3 of their tufted tea mug to complete a set of 6 mugs, with a variety of designs.

Revamp your living space:

Thinking of giving your living space such as the lounge or the home office a new look with modern yet classic home furniture? For luxurious looking side tables, and a set of nesting metal tables you may want to check out the collection at Meehan Luxe Home custom white boxes fashion. They have a range of modern furniture including these side tables and designer chairs that can be placed at any corner of the house custom boxes.

For a sustainable and eco-friendly range of furniture, check out the dazzling “Glinda” metal table, available in matte black and golden colour. They also happen to have the latest design of rattan weave furniture table that is ideal for nooks and corners. You can place your planters, magazines, or any décor item on top of it.

Wall of art:

The kind of art that you put upon the walls of your house says a lot about your personality. The usual wall painting designs are all about calligraphy, abstract art, sceneries and landscapes, shapes and figures etc. However, some of these are quite old school and pretty much common. Saying so, there isn’t a brand that we come across which sells wall painting online custom white boxes. And we have found one, “The Way” where you can now shop their beautiful paintings for your foyer fashion, lobby, drawing and dining room, lounge, stairway or any place.

Their focus painting and beach painting will add a pop of colour to your wall and the entire room. We suggest you put it up against your console table or staircase or right above your study table.

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