Best Unlimited Hotspot Plans of 2022

It’s difficult and, in some cases, impossible to obtain unlimited data from an internet hotspot. There are usually WiFi hotspots that offer just monthly data limits, which means you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to add more data if you’re not able to use it. For related articles visit unlimited wireless internet.

However, there are hotspot offers that offer lots of data each month. Most cell phone plans include hotspot options, and some companies offer unlimited hotspot WiFi with no restrictions.

We did some digging to discover the best mobile hotspots that give unlimited data, or at the very least, at least something similar to it. Check out the details.

Our recommendation Which unlimited hotspots data plan is the most effective?

The Magenta MAX cell phone plan is the most reliable plan that you can buy to use unlimited data on hotspots. It costs $85 per month. it offers 40 GB of high-speed monthly data (averaging between 30-50Mbps) with unlimited access to 3G speed (0.5-3 Mbps) when you’ve used that up. 3G is incredibly slow, but it’s enough to allow you to check your email or stream SD video.

We’ve decided to feature a mobile phone plan since it’s extremely rare, if completely impossible, to find an independent WiFi hotspot service with unlimited data.

The majority of hotspot plans come with very strict data caps, giving users as little as a couple of gigabytes of data per month. Certain plans don’t offer the ability to fill up with more data when you’re in need, and, in some cases, you’ll have an enumeration of choices in terms of compatible hotspots that can are compatible with the plan.

We recommend focusing more on plans for cell phones that offer more gigabytes per month to utilize with the hotspot feature. Additionally, unlimited phone plans may provide unlimited 3G data when using hotspots. This allows you to continue using the WiFi hotspot after you’ve reached the set limit of high-speed premium data.

Pro tip:

You’ll require an internet hotspot in conjunction with your hotspot’s data plan, of course.

Do I need to utilize a hotspot at home for the internet?

We wouldn’t suggest using a hotspot to connect to the home internet. Hotspots on phones cannot connect to many devices and offer only a limited amount of data. Compared to broadband internet service providers, standalone hotspots also offer far fewer data in a month. The speeds are also slower, and you’ll not be able to connect as many devices to a hotspot’s WiFi network.

Here’s how to make use of a hotspot

  • It is a good idea to travel (inside of the nation or abroad)
  • Outside of the office or at home
  • Rural region
  • A weekend stay in a holiday at home

Hotspots are great for temporary usage when you’re on the move or working from home. They’re also a great alternative in rural areas because they’re less expensive than satellite internet. However, four-way LTE and broadband with fixed wires might be your ideal options in such a situation.

Pro tip:

If you’re not sure how to use the hotspot feature on your phone, take a look at our tutorial on Tethering your phone to learn how to do it. Don’t worry–it’s simple!

Do a quick search using the zip code search tool to see the broadband providers available in your region compare to hotspot providers.

What do you need to be looking to find in an unlimited Hotspot Data plan?

It is recommended to consider a hotspot data plan that offers plenty of premium data for the most affordable cost. Premium data refers to data you get that operates on the 5G and 4G LTE networks, giving you faster speeds and less latency. Most often, you’ll receive a certain amount of premium data then you’ll be able to switch back to slower speeds.

It’s also necessary to have an option compatible with an adequate cellular network to provide you with consistent connectivity any time you want to use it. Certain hotspot plans are compatible with specific devices, and of course, you’ll want to choose a plan compatible with a top-quality device.

Check out our extensive section below this page for additional specifications and other features.

Pro tip:

Depending on what you will use your hotspot for, you might be able to get by with an internet hotspot that grants you a certain number of data. 

Top overall — T-Mobile Magenta MAX

The majority of other hotspot and cell phone plans can be quite difficult to obtain a large amount of data when using hotspots. However, you don’t need to fret about this plan. Magenta MAX is a phone plan that includes hotspots. However, while it’s designed for phones, it could also serve dual purposes as a hotspot plan. This can save you a significant amount of money while also giving you lots of information.

It is completely unlimited data on your phone, offering the highest speeds across high-speed, 4G and 5G networks, with no limits for premium internet data. Additionally, it includes 40GB of high-speed internet exclusively for hotspots.

Instead of cutting off your service after you’ve reached the hotspot data limit, T-Mobile will slow down your speed to 3G-like levels that typically vary from 0.5 Mbps to 3Mbps. It’s certainly a lot slower than the speeds you’ll receive on 5G or 4G. It’s sufficient to allow you to browse the internet streaming video, browse the internet, and even attend Zoom meetings with ease, provided you don’t connect more than one device to your wireless hotspot.

The plan is intended to be used with the hotspot built into your cell phone. However, there are different options if you want to use an additional hotspot device, such as our most popular budget option further down this page. The wide range of options offered is why we believe T-Mobile is the top choice available for hotspots and plans.


  • A lot of premium data
  • Data plan for hotspots and phones


  • There is no hotspot-only choice
  • Slower speeds for 5G than Verizon

Pro tip:

It is possible to use Zoom even if your internet speed is less than 1.2 1 Mbps. Have a look at our guide to speed for Zoom to find out how you can enhance the performance of Zoom even with the internet with a slow connection.

The best for speed–Verizon Do More Unlimited

The best option for millimeter-wave 5G speeds

Price: $80.00/mo.

  • Premium data cap: 15 GB/mo. of 4G LTE/5G data, then speeds drop to 3G speeds.
  • Access to networks Access to networks: 4G LTE, 5G
  • Compatible hotspots: your phone’s hotspot, Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L, Inseego MiFi M2100 5G UW, Verizon Global Modem USB730L

Data as of 10/12/21. The availability and offers may differ depending on the region and are subject to changes.

This cell phone service from Verizon allows you to connect to the growing millimetre-wave network of Verizon that can provide download speeds of up to 700 Mbps. This is a lot faster than the speeds you get from most hotspots.

Millimeter-wave 5G offers very limited availability, meaning that you will not be able to experience these incredible speeds unless located in certain areas of the major American cities. However, Verizon’s 5G coverage will increase in the coming months. The introduction of mid-band 5G (a slightly slower but very speedy variation of the 5G) will enable record-breaking wireless speeds available to many more users.

Because Do More Unlimited is a cell phone plan, it is used in conjunction with its built-in hotspot. If you’d prefer to buy a standalone hotspot and want to use it with a separate device, Do More Unlimited provides you with 50% off an eligible data plan that includes an additional hotspot device. You can, therefore, increase your hotspot’s capabilities and save money for doing it.


  • 5G and 4G LTE compatibility
  • Discount on mobile hotspots


  • Limited premium data allowance

Pro tip:

The best method to experience faster speeds is to connect to the 5G network. To do that, you’ll need a hotspot with 5G. Check out the top 5G hotspots for costs and capabilities.

Best prepaid plan for AT&T 100 GB

The best option for no-contract alternatives

Price: $55.00/mo.

  • Premium data cap: 100 GB
  • Compatible hotspots Your smartphone’s inbuilt hotspot, Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot Router, Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot Pro, Unite Express 2, AT&T Global Modem USB800

Dates effective as of date. Prices and speeds are subject to alteration. Not all offers are available in all locations.

AT&T has announced their hottest Prepaid Data Plan just as COVID-19 vaccines were beginning to show up across the United States, and Americans were getting ready to move once more. We gotta say, we’re impressed. This plan is a bargain. You can get 100GB of data at just $55 per month. Most other hotspots provide much less data but with greater monthly costs.


  • A lot of information for an affordable price
  • Excellent 5G speeds


  • The cost of 5G hotspots is expensive
  • Available only in limited quantities (plan to be purchased in-store)

Best budget option–Visible phone plan

The best alternative to prepaid

Price: $40.00/mo.

  • Premium data cap: None (speeds slowed during network congestion)
  • Hotspots compatible with cell phones: hotspot

Visible is an operator of mobile virtual networks (MVNO) that provides access to Verizon’s network for cellular. It offers a single phone plan and comes with an extremely affordable cost that includes unlimited hotspots and phone data throughout the month.

This is a phone service, and you’ll be restricted to using your mobile hotspot on your phone (instead of an upgraded 5G or 4G hotspot device)–that means that you won’t need to buy an additional WiFi hotspot to make use of it.

There are some limitations to be aware of that the hotspot data can be used only on one device at any time speed is set at 5 Mbps. This is well lower than the average 4G speed that is 30Mbps. But, hey–unlimited data! There are times when you may encounter difficulties with tasks that demand a lot of bandwidth. However, this plan can benefit all types of internet browsing and lighter online tasks.


  • Unlimited data to spot hotspots
  • Text or talk Included


  • Hotspot connection is for one device only
  • Slow speeds

Ideal for international travel — Sols the Global GoData Per GB Subscription

Ideal for international travel.

Price: $9.00/GB

  • Data cap: 1GB (can purchase additional at anytime)
  • Compatible hotspots:

Dates effective as of date. Prices and speeds are subject to changes. There are not all deals available in all regions.

The most efficient method of getting internet in another country is purchasing a SIM card through a regional service provider in the country you’re travelling to or using public accessible WiFi hotspots at hotels and eateries. However, if the travel arrangements make it difficult to set up an entirely new device or plan for data while you’re abroad, stick to this reliable plan by the hotspot service provider Solis.

If you use the Solis Lite hotspot, you’ll be able to pay a flat cost of $9 for each gigabyte you use. After you’ve used it to the max, you’ll be able to pay $9 for a second GB and on. It’s a simple deal, allowing you to access the internet whenever you require it, without the need for contracts or huge upfront payments.


  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Network access is available in 135plus countries


  • The speeds vary based on where you’re going
  • It is not possible to purchase data in large quantities

Unlimited hotspot specifications and features

Unfortunately, most hotspot plans don’t give you unlimited data. The mobile providers can’t provide internet in the same way that broadband providers do, which is why most standalone plans offer quite strict data limits, and speeds are reduced to a crawl when you’ve used up all the data.

There are viable options and workarounds with many wireless service providers. The best option is to choose a data package that includes adequate data for a reasonably affordable price. It is also important to find a package that allows you to be flexible.

In certain situations, it’s best off paying only a tiny cost for a tiny amount of data so that you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money upfront for data that you don’t plan on making use of. You can then purchase more data if you require it when you’re out of.

Hotspot for cell phones in comparison to Mobile hotspot – which is superior?

Mobile hotspots are ideal for frequent hotspot users who connect many devices and use a lot of data.

There are exceptions, but some of the most popular hotspot plans are mobile phone plans that offer hotspot data. You can utilize your smartphone as a hotspot when you require it and save your money since you don’t require another hotspot device. This is the ideal method for when you need to utilize a hotspot just time.

You can also opt for a separate data plan designed to be used with an additional hotspot device. Mobile hotspots connect to several networking devices than a mobile phone and have better coverage.

5G hotspots also come with WiFi 6, making them extremely efficient since they can connect various devices. It’s worth buying a hotspot when you’ll be regularly using it and connecting with your classmates, friends, family members, or coworkers.

Is it possible to use an internet hotspot at home?

We wouldn’t suggest using a hotspot to access home internet as it’s more expensive than a broadband service from the internet provider. Also, you’ll have less data when using a hotspot as you would with the fibre, cable or DSL internet plan.

In general, it is recommended to use the hotspot as an alternative for temporary internet access for those travelling. Or away from your office or at home. A hotspot could be an ideal option if you reside in an RV as it offers you the option of a portable internet connection that the internet providers cannot, say, offer.

Pro tip:

If you’re in the market for a wireless home internet setup, take a look at 5G home internet. See our Verizon 5G Home Internet guide and T-Mobile Home Internet for more information regarding speeds, prices, and availability.

Hotspots can be an ideal option for those who live in a rural area, and there is no alternative to the satellite Internet. However, most users will be better off using the 4G LTE or fixed-wireless internet since the prices and speeds are in line with broadband companies.

Do you require a 5G Unlimited Hotspot?

A 5G hotspot may not be required for everyone, but it’s ideal for those in groups or who need high bandwidth.

5G hotspots are more efficient and flexible than 4G hotspots that are only available. They can connect to a greater number of devices. With a range of between 30 and 32 versus 15 or 20 devices that 4G hotspots can connect. They offer significantly faster speeds. They also have WiFi 6, which makes sure that your connection remains solid even. When you connect several devices simultaneously.

Our verdict about Unlimited Hotspot

Although it’s unlikely that there’s a hotspot service that offers truly, forever unlimited data, with no limitations or restrictions, However, we believe there are some great options for mobile hotspots. T-Mobile is the most popular choice in terms of hotspots along with data packages, which is why we suggest you start there first. However, Verizon is also an option when you’re in search of the highest speed and you live in a location that offers millimetre-wave 5G.

If T-Mobile isn’t your cup of tea, then you should consider AT&T to get its 100GB data plan that is incredibly priced and provides plenty of information you can find in the form of a hotspot plan. Visible is also an option to get a simpler plan as Solis will be the most popular hotspot service for travelling abroad.

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