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RO Plants

What does reverse osmosis do?

This is what you should know before you buy the equipment. Let’s face it, if you ask a salesperson, “What does reverse osmosis do?”, you’ll look stupid. So let me answer this question briefly, but in enough detail so that you can walk into the store where the water purifier is sold with confidence.

What is reverse osmosis?

Let’s look at it from the side we know: what is conventional osmosis? I call it ‘true osmosis’. What does it do? It is one of the wonders of nature and without it there would be no life on earth.

Have you admired any flowers lately?

It was only possible because the flower is able to draw water from the soil by osmosis. Of course, it doesn’t have a physical pump to do that. Instead, it uses a process in which a liquid solution passes through a barrier because there is another, more concentrated liquid solution on the other side. This is RO Plant. It’s that simple and effective.

That way, a garden plant that has no moving parts can pump water into its flowers, and a giant sequoia can water its upper leaves. The same is true for your body, right down to the cells, because the cell walls are not completely solid, and the fluids and solutions within them flow in and out, attracted and displaced by the differences in fluid concentration on either side of the cell wall.

The science of osmosis is interesting, however. It can be reversed. Fluid moves by the force of true osmosis from lower concentrations to higher concentrations. However, it can also move in the opposite direction. For example, salt water can be purified and stripped of salt by RO Plant Price in Pakistan.

So, what does reverse osmosis do? To find out, let’s take seawater from a huge desalination plant in the Middle East in one of the Gulf States. If you put this salt water into a tank that has a special wall at one end that allows molecules to pass through osmosis, and you pressurize the water 60 times the pressure applied to the same water outside the tank. the water leaves the tank, but the salt stays inside. In other words, you get fresh water. What else is reverse osmosis but a miracle!

This miraculous reverse osmosis is widely used in desalination plants. Both in large facilities in the Gulf of Mexico and in small facilities aboard submarines. They are also popular with many municipal water authorities in our cities and towns. Some manufacturers make such small devices that they fit in a house. What reverse osmosis can do is truly remarkable.

However, I personally would not use reverse osmosis in my home. The reason is simple. Although they successfully remove dirt, sludge, and some chemicals, they also remove the natural minerals that water contains. For example, calcium and magnesium.

Our bodies need these minerals to function and stay healthy, as your doctor will assure you at your next visit. The water we drink is a natural way of obtaining these vital minerals because this water comes from deep in the ground, where small traces of these minerals dissolve in the rocks and carry them to the drinking water reservoirs from which our local authorities draw water. If you get rid of the minerals, you get sick. That’s why my children and I would never use such a plant.

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