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What Is Lactic Acid Bacteria And Where To Get It?

The fact that lactic acid bacteria may be present in food may pique your interest if you’ve read about its presence in your own body. If a food is fermented, it produces lactic acid. Which is a naturally occurring organic acid.

It also used as a food preservative. To prevent rotting and improve the taste of processed goods. However, the FDA has permitted its usage in most items, except baby meals and formula.

Even though many people are concerned about the safety of this component.

The dangers of food-borne lactic acid are explored in detail.

Where To Get Lactic Acid From:

You’ll find lactic acid in many different foods. As a preservative, it’s either infused into food or derived from natural fermentation.

Natural sources of lactic acid bacteria are found in many popular meals.


  • Preserved foods
  • kefir\yogurt\cheese
  • miso\kimchi\cheese
  • sauerkraut
  • bread and beer

Lactic acid bacteria may be found in the following foods:

It is notice that cheese included twice, since certain cheeses incorporate lactic acid as a preservative.

Gut Health Benefits May Be Achieved:

Several lactic acid producing bacteria. Such as Lactobacillus, are included in the category of “probiotics”. To maintain a healthy gut microbiome. As well as a broad variety of additional health advantages. These beneficial bacteria are necessary.

Increased probiotic consumption may be achieved by increasing the amount of lactose-rich foods in your diet. As a result, your digestive health, bowel regularity.

Since the gut microbiota is so important to health, some studies shows that taking probiotics might help decrease inflammation and improve immune function.

May Increase Nutrient Uptake:

Lactic acid bacteria has been linked to an increase in nutritional absorption in studies.

Lactic acid-fermented vegetables have shown to improve iron absorption in humans and in test tubes, among other things.

Oxygen delivery and proper red blood cell synthesis depend on iron, a critical element.

As a result, a diet high in lactic acid and iron-rich foods may help avoid iron deficiency anemia, a frequent illness that causes tiredness, hair loss, and dizziness.

A second animal research indicated that lactic acid and black tea boosted the absorption of flavonoids, natural substances that function as antioxidants to protect cells from inflammation and damage.

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