A review of branded popcorn boxes vs. plain popcorn boxes!

Branded popcorn boxes get use excessively to market your products and build a name that stays in customers’ minds. They are a seamless option for shipping because of their absolute durability and strength. The sturdiness gets derive from their impeccable manufacturing from cardboard variants like corrugated cardboard, bux board, etc. There is a complete evenness in their texture which makes them compatible with the latest printing methodologies of CMYK and PMS color configurations. You can do the detailing of the products most exquisitely by selecting the colors and graphics of your choice.

They are more personalized in the design and let you choose the size and style as per the unique prerequisites. You can avail them in multiple finishing options like spot UV, aqueous coating, matte or gloss laminations, etc. The add-ons such as die-cut windows and gold foiling are also available to uplift your product display. In the global popcorn market, there is a higher consumption of both plain and branded popcorn boxes. The branded packages not expected when we go past a decade or two. The advancement in packaging technologies has enabled manufacturers to develop their personalized packages.

It is now possible to leverage these custom boxes as a marketing gimmick and procure instant recognition. The plain packages have a significance of their own, but they can’t assure the promotion of businesses. Let us review the plus points of these packaging solutions and decide which one is better.

What are branded popcorn boxes?

Branded custom popcorn packaging is quite the reflection of your product quality. Since packaging is an essential part of customers’ purchasing journey, it encourages repeat business by relaying essential details. It isn’t just about printing your brand’s logo; it can include other signature elements. For instance, the slogans, taglines, and specific color schemes directly provide an overview of your company’s values and personality. Furthermore, it can comprise as many brand identifiers as you want. These visual cues form an identity that assists the onlookers in demarcating your popcorn business from the competition. All in all, this special custom packaging affects the general perceptions of your brand and makes it look high-end. Here is how it can make all the difference for your popcorn business.

Create a point of difference

With the global popcorn sales expected to rise, custom printed popcorn packaging can help you gain a more significant market share. It simply differentiates you from the competition clutter and proposes an additional value to the target audience. As the retail shelves become busier, you can’t afford to go with stock or plain packages. They make you look like your competitors, which prevents the clients from going at your items. Custom packaging is a significant investment that helps you seize the attention by creating a stand-out shelf impact. As the potential clients are visual creatures, you can customize the design of this packaging to make it visually compelling. The high-impact colors and crisp graphics will set your items apart from other displayed products.

• Strengthen brand identity

Development of brand individuality is always on the cards for businesses selling popcorns. But, they are always at sea when thinking about which platforms to use. Although there are several online marketing channels, none of them assure to hit every bit of the client base. Popcorn boxes with a branded touch can always extend your business reach and hit 100% of the target audience. The branding cues printed on them get seen and observed in the product presentation. People also tend to notice the branded visual elements when these packages are shipped from one point to another. These packages get reuse while still displaying marketing cues that reinforce your brand identity to the maximum.

• Impart a premium experience

The modern client base of today’s world has set higher expectations of what constitutes a great customer experience. They settle for nothing less than a premium experience, and the businesses not catering to their expectations get ignore. The branded custom popcorn packaging provides layers of customer excitement. You can personalize its interior with the delicate addition of branded tissue papers, custom inserts, and other such elements. This contributes to a world-class experience that creates happiness and excitement among potential clients.

• Boost your online marketing strategy

To sustain a healthy bottom line, boosting the online marketing strategy has become essential for a popcorn business. The branded packages never fail in driving user-generated content on social media platforms. They give an enjoyable experience to the intended audience by ensuring a fantastic unboxing experience. The people end up sharing your product or packages’ pictures on their social media handles. According to a recently published study, almost 40% of the clients tend to share their experience after getting items in a branded box. This is a great way to promote repetitive digital words of mouth and build easy brand loyalty.

What are plain popcorn boxes?

If you want to get a minimalist look for your brand or have a limited budget, having a go at this box is suitable. You do not need to spend extras on customizations and printing with this box. That is undoubtedly a good option for shipping, but it cannot guarantee your business to earn a more prominent name. Then, they made from plastic or other non-biodegradable material, highlighting that you are not socially responsible. Although, it comes in pre-made sizes and styles that may or may not fit the requirements of your products. For adding a branded touch, you can add printed labels that explain the standing points of your business.

Although the plain box is highly cost-effective and suitable for small businesses, branded popcorn boxes don’t cost much. The branded packages must be your go-to option to expand your marketing efforts and procure a significant market share. Creating a positive first impression is no longer a big deal with these packages that translate into more brand loyalty.

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