Best Car Seat Cover for Winter and Car Seat Blankets

The best way to keep your babies warm inside the car is to cover the car seat with the shower cap style Best Car Seat Cover for Winter. Contrary to “footmuffs” that are placed within the seat (i.e. between the baby’s back and rear of the seat) These covers accomplish the job without affecting the mechanics in the vehicle seat -which is essential to ensure the security for your baby. The same reason we do not recommend wearing thick coats or snowsuits while in the car seat. Although it might appear soft and secure however, it’s not. In fact If you take the baby’s coat off and then re-buckle her in the same way and you look around, you’ll see all the gap between her body and harness. The following graphic illustrates this for a toddler. The absence of space is detrimental because it can allow your child’s head to be pushed further forward during an accident (what we refer to as “head exaggeration” in the world of car seat technology). The same concept applies to preschoolers as well as toddlers however it’s more difficult to secure them as they don’t have enough room in the tiny infant car seat.

Are car seat covers safe?

Another option is to put a blanket on the top that of the baby. If it doesn’t go between your child’s body and harness straps Any blanket you wish to place over your child is perfectly suitable. The issue that you are aware of is the fact that blankets can have a difficult to stay put. That’s why… they are the reason for the huge popularity in the car seat covers.

Baby Car Seat Covers to Winterize Your Car

JJ Cole Collections Infant Fleece Car Seat Cover ~ $29

The JJ Cole Car Seat Cover is a top choice for those looking for a budget option. The machine-washable seat cover New brand is made from weather-resistant nylon and soft fleece inside. You can close the flap (or eliminate it completely) to regulate the temperature. Although this type of cover would be ideal for mildly cold temperatures but it’s not the warmest choice available. If you are located just north of the Mason-Dixon continue reading…

2. Jolly Jumper “Arctic” Sneak A-Peek Cover – $47

A upgrade from the Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek The Canadian company produces an ULTRA comfortable car seat cover for infants. That includes a blanket beneath that is designed precisely to keep the baby comfortable. Mothers who are cold weather and have used a variety of seat covers love this one. The thick, fleece-lined, waterproof fabric shields babies from snow and rain and the dual zippers let you easily access to and out. It’s warm and cozy. I’d love to see an adult version! *Note: Might not be able to fit cars with larger seats similar to the Graco SnugRide40lb model.

3. Skip the Winter Car Seat Cover $39

Skip Hop has recently introduced the cover for car seats as part of their winter necessities and customers are enjoying the cover. It’s identical to that of the JJ Cole cover, with an opening in the front for an easy access to the baby, and the soft fleece lining. With its elastic outer edge, it’s a great choice for any car seat. You can leave the collar closed to keep out cold winds or open it and then snap it back onto the outer layer to allow temperatures control. Once inside, you’ll be able to remove the flap on the front to let your baby get cool.

4. 7. A.M. Enfant Cocoon ~ $74.90

I’d like to introduce 7AM Enfant to you… It’s an established brand founded by an French mother. Whose the focus is on a variety of versatile and fashionable baby clothing for urban, cold environments. They’re the most expensive of the brands, but they’re extremely good quality (and fashionable! ). Similar to JJ Cole, the Cocoon is a soft Car Seat Cover to protect your infant’s car seat. It can be used with any infant car seat and is simple to put on and take off due to an elastic back. The cover is water and wind-resistant. And is perfect for cruising around on the stroller (in the car seat). Or for getting into and out of the car the elements. We also love that each side can be unzipped fold, fold back, and be attached to a velcro strip at the sides, which means it’s easy to keep your cover in place and allow for some breathing space without having to remove the entire Car Seat Cover.

5. Woolino Sleeping Bags – $99

This post is cross-posted by Best Wearable Blankets. This loved Merino Wool sleeping sack transforms from crib blanket to car seat blanket because of seat belt slots sewn into the fabric. These slots permit harnesses to fit within the sack. This will eliminate any puffy space between the harnesses and the child. Its Woolino is made of premium hypoallergenic Australian Merino Wool. The one-size item is suitable for babies 3 m to 2 years, so you’ll get lots of use out of it. In all honesty, I’ve had many years of use for this item. It’s an excellent value and highly evaluated. It’s not windproof or water-proof and was not designed to withstand the coldest temperatures.
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