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Reasons Why Kids Suffer From Mental Health Issues

Reasons Why Kids Suffer From Mental Health Issues

Your children may suffer from several mental disorders. Whenever you face such a situation, you head toward the doctors and ask them for a cure. You never mind spending a lot of money on your children’s treatment. You try your best to appoint the best child psychiatrist in Dubai for the treatment of your children’s mental sickness. 

However, have you ever tried to understand the reasons which are leading your children to mental health issues? Children have innocent minds with almost no space for worries and tensions in this world. Then why do they suffer from mental health issues? Let’s try to figure out these reasons. Knowing and then eliminating these reasons will assist in the better and quicker recovery of your children.

Long-Term Physical Illness

Sometimes, your children may suffer from several physical disorders throughout the year. This long-term sickness will not leave its mind free to plan against these disorders. This will restrict your children’s activities as well. As a result, they will have some impact on their minds.  

Similarly they too have to take a lot of medication to cure these diseases. These medicines, too, have some impact on their mental conditions. All of this leads to cognitive issues in them. Another possibility is the behavior of siblings or fellows with your children during these days may also impact on their mental conditions.

Shifting to a New Place

It’s normal for you to change your home due to several reasons. You want to have a home in a better place with more facilities and opportunities. You may also shift due to the lack of space in your previous home. However, this may not go in the same way for your kids. Sometimes your children are extra attached to their first home. Changing the house will lead them to get some mental health issues.

Moreover, your children may also have struggles in developing new relations in the new town. The behavior of neighbors’ children may also impact their mental health. All these things combined to create some cognitive disorders in your children.

Changing Children’s School

This will almost have the same impact on your children’s mental health as shifting to a new home. At recent school, your children will have to face several behavioral issues. He will not be accepted openly by some class fellows. Similarly, some teachers may also fail to understand your children’s psychology. They did not manage to treat them well in class. This will have some impacts on mental health.

Being Bullied

You may not pay special heed to your children’s complaints about bullying. You may consider it regular conflicts that happen at playgrounds or during breaks in schools. However, this bullying will lead to several mental issues in your children. The first thing that will make them mentally ill is inferiority complex. They thought the bully guys were better than them. 

The second thing is that they feel bad when other kids laugh when they get bullied. And the third one is the most important of all. They thought their parents were not having much affection for them as they were not paying heed to their constant complaints about bullying. All these factors will lead to make them mental sick. 

Witnessing Violence

Sometimes, your children have to witness several types of violence in their daily routine. The most worst of it is when they have to see domestic violence at home. They cannot manage to adjust to this violent condition of your home. As a result, they will have to face several mental issues. They will get stressed by seeing repeated acts of domestic violence.

Separation of Parents

This is the scariest of all reasons for your children. Divorce or separation between parents due to any other reason will result in 90 percent chances of children getting mentally sick. They may not show this to the parents they are living with, but it’s impossible for them to live without others. 


If you feel your children are facing any of these reasons, you must treat them well. Take them to Camali clinic for treatment from the best child psychiatrist in Dubai. Try to avoid these reasons and make your kids confident enough to deal with minor issues such as shifting home and changing school etc.

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