5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hatta Dubai

5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hatta Dubai

Food nourishes the body, while tourism nourishes the soul. And Dubai is one of the top-ranked tourist attractions that feeds the souls of millions of people each year.  The amazing and unbelievable heights of buildings make it an iconic city for wonder lovers. It is a piece of land enriched with the natural beauty of landscapes, beaches, and deserts. However, the glamor and luxurious view inside the city is also worth witnessing the peak of human creativity. Its mesmerizing shopping malls, luxury hotels, dancing fountains, and iconic buildings are the main points of attraction for foreigners and locals as well.

However, away from the city glow the beautiful Hatta is also a highlighted place on the must-go list of tourists. On a drive of 90m from Dubai, hatta tour is earthly heaven to cherish the multiple colors of nature.  Situated in the lap of the Hajar mountains this small town is a complete package of fun, thrill, and action-packed activities. Moreover, it also holds a beautiful place named a heritage village. It presents the ancient culture, traditions, and lifestyle of Arabs. 

Some top reasons to explore this mesmerizing piece of land are listed below. 

To Witness Natural Sceneries 

Natural beauty is the weakness of tourists and other people also. And Hatta is the best place to witness mesmerizing, and soul-capturing views of nature. Therefore, people trap the soul-capturing world to visit this beautiful piece of natural art. In the laps of Hajjar mountains, beautiful Hatta lack is the place to witness the met-up of earth and sky. Its crystal clear water also offers to explore the hidden marine life.

The beautiful view of the small town from the peak of the mountain is more than the scenery. The beautiful and mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset scenery gives a lot of memories to cherish forever. Hatta is also famous for its natural landscapes. It provides a great opportunity for tourists to capture stunning photographs in front of these stunning landscapes.  

Attractive Places

Hatta is a small town with the endless beauty of nature and tourist spots. It holds multiple places that can bind the tourists’ hearts to this mini-town and force them to visit this place again and again. The most famous places in Hatta are:

  • Hatta Lack: This beautiful lake surrounded by wondrous mountains holds the heart of tourists, especially couples. It offers a lot of thrilling activities to cherish each moment of this trip. 
  • Heritage Village: to witness the ancient lifestyle of Arabs this place is ideal. It also presents traditional and folk music to enjoy
  • Hatta Hill Park: located on the top of the mountains this hill park is the best resting place for families. It offers many joyful activities for kids. Tourists also enjoy barbecue and drinks here. 
  • Wadi Hub: it is the heart of Hatta and offers a lot of activities, meals, drinks, and many more to enjoy during this trip to Hatta. 

To Dive into the History of Arabs 

Hatta is the best touring place for adventure and history explorers. Its heritage village is an ideal point to glimpse all the traditional and regional values of ancient Arabs. It exhibits the traditional dresses, meals, and music of Arabs. Moreover, it also provides visitors with the opportunity to experience Arabs’ traditional clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. 

Date gardens present the livelihood of Arabs in the past. Tourists also can eat or take away the dates from these gardens. 

Funny and Thrilling Activities

Fun, thrill, and adventure are the main features of tourism and tourists love to do these things. Therefore, Hatta offers a multitude of thrilling and adventurous activities including: 

  • Hiking: What’s more adventurous than exploring the rocky routes of the mountains. And the Hatta mountain track is the best place to enjoy this thrilling activity. 
  • Mountain Biking: In the Hatta mountains you can enjoy the thrilling bike ride over the bumpy track like a pro
  • Hatta Spell: it’s a multitude of adventurous activities including boating, paragliding, ax throwing, and many more! 
  • Camping: the center of Hatta wadi hub is the best place to enjoy the camping experience. The campsite offers a lot of stuff to enjoy including dance performances, folk music, delicious buffets, and drinks. 

To sum it up, hatta tour dubai holds multiple reasons to be added to the list of must-visit places.

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