Trending and 7 Most Loved Wedding Anniversary Cakes by Couples

Anniversary cake

Anniversaries are a great milestone in a couple’s life. It can beautifully indicate how they are overcoming hard situations and decided to be next to each other in all those times. Such an occasion deserves the best celebration. For that, whether you are organizing a party or just decided to spend time alone, anniversary cake can act as the center of the celebration. It’s because this delicious dessert can add extra sweetness to your sweet day. It comes in various varieties, flavors, and shapes; among those you may find it hard to choose the one for you. If you are in such a situation, read the below lines, it has seven trending cakes you can cut on your anniversary to make that day incredible.  

1. Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake 

People associate red with love. That’s the color of this flavor too, that makes it a perfect one for a happy anniversary cake. Its smoothness and softness can melt at the moment you put it in your mouth, so a wide range of people are going crazy over this flavor. If you want to present this in a unique way, personalized options are always available for you. Make use of it, with it you can surely celebrate your smooth marriage life.  

 2. Chiffon Cake 

Are you in the search of a simple yet classy marriage anniversary cake? Then chiffon cake is always there for you. It is made with oil, sugar flour, and sponge cake, which give it lightness in weight and richness in taste. Because of its sweetness, it is associated with happiness. Your anniversary is a celebration of happiness right? That’s what makes it the perfect one for your wedding celebration. 

3. Unicorn Cake

Just think about the first time you met and how slowly you got to know each other and the days you continuously missed each other. Now when you think about it, don’t you feel like your magical love story is worth telling the world? That’s what a unicorn flavor as a wedding anniversary cake can indicate. This one can shout the whole world your fairy tale in a silent way. So present it to your spouse and make it the loveliest anniversary ever.

4. Monogram Cake

Well, if it’s your first year of marriage you can go for the monogram in the form of 1 anniversary cake. It’s your very first 365 days after you hold each other’s hands officially and decide to stay together forever, so it’s a special moment. And this dessert describes the delicate yet so beautiful stage of your relationship, it can also tell the simple but still powerful efforts you put into your wedding to keep it as a forever relationship. So, it’s the perfect treat for your first anniversary.

5. Photo Cake

Every special day of you and your loved one can get memorable when you personalize the cake with the emotional image in it. Here you can choose the flavor according to the likes of your beloved to make them feel happy. Then print the picture that you both took at the moment which you want to live again. This one can absolutely make your dear one stand on an amazed stage and be in their memory forever. 

6. Rainbow Cake

Rainbows are nature’s gift. They are light and fresh but still a rare one which gives you great pleasure when one sees them. Don’t you think your marriage is similar to that? It’s not about the amount you spend on the ceremony or the place where it is held. It’s about choosing the right person and being with them forever. And this cake can tell that with this it also tells how colorful your marriage life is. So without reluctance go for it. 

7. Couple Cake

There must be times when you want to get a unique dessert to celebrate your anniversary. At such times go for a couple cakes. Rather than decorate the couple images with the cream, you can engrave the figurine of you in it. Believe me! This will stand as the epic present on your special day. 

Final Lines 

Cake can act as the centerpiece of the anniversary. And above are the seven anniversary cakes you can get for your beloved to make your wedding day super special.

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