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Instagram – 15 Tips on how to increase your following

There’s no definitive science to Instagram and how to use it. Because I’m frequently frequent questions about how I set up and can grow my Instagram account to have over 200 000 people following me (and continue to increase it by over 1000 followers per week), I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned over the past year and a half that I’ve been an active Instagram user. Buy Instagram Followers UK

It’s important to keep in mind that I’ve been working hard to establish my profile. I’ve been posting every day since signing up, often 4 or 5 times daily, to establish a solid relationship with my fans. There was no website or blog back in the day. I was just a fan of sharing photos of my meals – which led to people asking for my recipe, which then turned into followers asking that I create a blog to collect my recipes. Recipes that are easy to locate and print. It was also born.

1. The account you have on your Instagram account is similar to your portfolio

So, make it look good! If you’re looking to increase traffic to your websites or websites, your Instagram must be configured in this way. socialfollowerspro

Certain personal pictures such as selfies, selfies, or behind-the-scenes photos are okay; however, if your readers are most interested in food, they won’t necessarily care about 100 pictures of your cat perched in a window or a bird perched in the tree (for instance). Instagram followers differ from blog followers. They may be looking for food!

2. Instagram Composition. Photos of food that look great can attract followers.

Top-quality shots and distant photos are fine, but close-ups are more effective (not too close! You still have to be able to see the subject). They must be visible, and food items must be easily visible. Particularly cheese shots, drips of syrup, or chocolate ooze.

It should be about food, not the image (unless the account you use is based on food photography). It’ll perform if it looks delicious in your eyes and makes your mouth salivate. It won’t attract enough interest if it’s just a “good image. It’s important to think just like your fans. Would you want to see that photo or food on your feed/home page? Do your click an image or link to the recipe?

3. Your bio should include an overview of your blog

Your blog’s URL must be included to your readers in your bio, not your captions. Let them easily locate you and your recipes, or else they’ll delete your blog. Trust me. Most people don’t like tapping on links. They want the whole recipe in front of them. Therefore, make it as easy to access the recipe.

4. Captions

Each food image you upload must have a clear caption that includes ‘where to find the recipe.’ For instance, the following recipe is available on my blog.
Here, you’ve given the information for the link to the recipe, as well as the easiest way to connect to your Instagram bio by clicking the @_______ link on the Instagram page.

5. Images

It will be easier to understand what your followers love. My followers, for instance, are incredibly sweet. So I’m sure brownies and cookies can be a hit. Buy Instagram Followers UK

I think about the best way to capture my Instagram followers, not just for my blog. Chocolate chips melted or anything that is oozing. People go crazy! If you’re shooting on your website, take a couple of images to show your Instagram followers.

6. Timing

What is your peak time? Which day do you experience increased traffic to your posts? What is the most popular location for your followers situated? My followers are mostly the U.S situated. Because I’m in another time zone after many trials and errors, I found that I work better when I publish early in the morning and late in the evening. My account is the busiest and also when my posts are more likely to be read.

The initial twenty-four hours following posting an Instagram posting are the most popular. There is a decrease in engagement as the time passes.

7. Shout Outs

Find similar blogs with the same number of followers you do (if the blog you’re writing on is vegetarian, search for vegan and if it’s healthy, search for the clean-eating) and ask them if they’d like to have the same thing with a shout out.

What is a shout out? A shout out is a situation where both blogs accept to publish images of recipes on their respective blogs with captions such as”Wow, the chocolate chips are amazing! To find this recipe and many other healthy recipes, be sure to follow @____! You’ll love their page!’ or something like that, using your own words to sound authentic and authentically coming from you. Shout-outs generally last one or two hours.

However, you will gain the most from the initial hour. You can always post an alternative image during the second hour to get more followers.

It is important to remember that when you post excessive amounts, they could make your followers angry. Not everyone likes shouts from their feeds or on their home pages.

8. Larger pages will not be able to do reciprocal chats

I’ve asked. These are designed to earn money through ads and posts that shout out to smaller pages, for example. For instance: Pages that have more than 100,000 followers won’t need to do a mutual shout out with a page with just 1000 followers.

Why? Because they will not gain followers through the process of shouting. They’ll probably be losing more fans than they gain, and spending their money on it is unwise. Keep in mind that a page with more than 100,000 followers has put in a lot of effort to reach that point. Buy Instagram Followers UK

If you contact these bigger pages for a shout out, and they offer you the amount of $X per hour for an opportunity to shout. This is how they earn money. Take note of that.

9. Be aware of WHO you shout at

Make sure the page you’re shouting is a great food page or one like yours! You could lose followers to your page. People want to be referred to quality pages. People want to know that you are interested in them and provide a reliable source to visit. This shout out isn’t only for your benefit but for their benefit too. Look after your followers!

10. Limit Shouts

If you make a shout, it could become thrilling and addictive to watch your page increase in size and popularity! But! Limit them to the lower end. Every couple of days is sufficient. Buy Instagram Followers UK

11. Use #hashtags

They do work! I’ve tried them without and tried them using. Hashtag the food and what it’s about. Food feature pages and magazine brands, etc. For instance, here are the ones I’ve been using, but you should find what works for you:

If it’s a chocolate recipe, you can add the hashtags  or whatever your meal is about. People do search hashtags. Be careful not to use too many hashtags to ensure they appear on search results (I separate hashtag groups into separate comments on an article).

12. Watermark your image

If larger pages have similar content to yours are stealing your photo. Many don’t realize they have to first ask for your permission before they use your photo; Some are aware of what they’re doing and use an image straight from your Instagram page OR blog and reuse it with no credit that you have included in the caption, but ignore your attempts to make a point of it.

A watermark on your image can make your followers aware of your work. They will always inform you or mention in a post that the image is being used with your credit in the caption, should you decide to file a complaint about an Instagram copyright violation. Buy Instagram Followers UK

13. Collages

They are effective! If you’re making a dish that has just a few steps and it appears to be it’s a difficult dish, creating a photo collage could demonstrate how simple it is (if it’s not difficult), and they’ll be more inclined to head to your website using the gorgeous link you’ve included on your profile (step 3.). I use the Instagram collage application Layout and Pic Frame however, many apps on your phone are just as effective.

14. Recipe Features

Like Fodgawker and Tastes potting, numerous Instagram pages have hundreds of thousands (even millions) of followers who are always seeking out great content to highlight. It’s a win-win-win for each of you and the page that features your content.

The page gains followers thanks to your work, and you gain followers by promoting their page. Reach out to the bigger websites with recipes from bloggers and ask them to showcase your recipe. Please include a link to your blog and Instagram page in your email to let them look over your work.

Be aware that when your recipe is viewed well on their page and receives lots of followers, they’ll include your photo in their shout outs — without the credit in their captions — and on other pages to help their page increase its reach.

In the beginning, it’s a little difficult to read; however, most of the time, users will visit their page, look at your photo and then follow them. There will also be an increase in blog traffic when this happens. Buy Instagram Followers UK

15. Don’t discredit Instagram

It’s a great platform to build a following, increase visitors to your blog, get intimate with your followers, and discover possible subscribers. I love my fans and LOVE engaging with them on Instagram. Remember that when they ask questions, you must answer them regardless of how stupid you think they might be.

If they contact you directly, respond to them like you would for your blog posts. They’re IMPORTANT. Be aware of that. Buy Instagram Followers UK

But most importantly, have fun! It’s an overwhelming amount of information that could be overwhelming. However, like any other social media site, you will find the best practices and stick along with it for as long as it lasts…or until the next trending, trendy, and exciting new thing is released!

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